Hey there, Roy here, founder of Cold Hot Air.

What’s worse than losing comfort? Nothing!

That’s why Cold Hot Air was born, so you could fix any HVAC problem you come across at home.

With the rise of inflation, calling a technician can be well into the hundreds or even thousands depending on what type of HVAC maintenance you’re in need of.

While we do have licensed HVAC technicians to help anyone in need, we believe in fixing your own devices before calling for help.

I put my readers before my needs, even if that means that I make less money because of it.

I don’t recommend products that generate the most money and I don’t recommend calling our HVAC technicians before you try fixing it yourself.

Meet Our Team

Roy Cohen

Role: Editor-in-chief

Roy is the brains of Cold Hot Air. He’s always working around the clock to bring his readers what they want, the cold hard truth. He’s worked for several years writing for home repair (Hackmygarage.com) and knows the ins and outs of HVAC, concrete, heating and cooling.

His main goal is to save his readers money. A $10 fix can be sold as $500 or more depending on where you live, and that ain’t right.

By bringing knowledge from his research and advisors to his readers, he aims to bring back comfort to his readers (and save them tons of cold hard cash).

He’s also worked to bring licensed HVAC technicians that can help anyone in need at any hour as well. By partnering with Networkx, a national provider of HVAC and home repairs, he’s able to offer repairs in every part of America.

You can contact Roy at [email protected] or at his LinkedIn or Twitter.

Heather Burdo

Role: Staff Writer

Without Heather, Cold Hot Air would not exist! She was here from day one helping us craft the best articles regarding anything HVAC. She’s multi-faceted and has even been featured in big publications like Bobvila.com.

You can reach Heather Burdo at her website, Heatherburdo.com or at her LinkedIn.

Ken Patrick Miranda

Role: Advisor

Ken Patrick is a licensed and registered Mechanical Engineer, specializing in HVAC. He is an HVAC estimator and has been working with HVAC companies for more than three years.

With his expertise, he works in an advisor role for Cold Hot Air. When in doubt, we rely on his expertise to help bridge the gap between our research.

While he loves his mechanical engineering job, he has recently applied to become an air conditioning technician as his love for HVAC is hard to pass by.

Why Trust Us?

We source our information from licensed professionals that help us bring you the right information.

The internet can be a wild and dangerous place, and with so many websites being sprung up every day, it’s hard to know who to trust.

Cold Hot Air also works with licensed HVAC technicians should you need any help or guidance with any HVAC problem you may have.

While we love when people fix their own products, some repairs are in need of a professional (especially if you require any electrical work or need your furnace replaced).

Our goal is to save YOU money, not make it. Some HVAC fixes are quite simple, and doing it yourself can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars!

It’s also our goal to help anyone understand how much to spend on repairs as well, as not all repair men are honest.

What Makes Cold Hot Air Unique?

I spend hours researching the correct information so you don’t have to.

If that means I need to spend 3-5 hours researching products or how to fix a certain product, then so be it!

I’ve found that people are often recommending the wrong item (120v space heaters for large spaces, hello?) or even offering dangerous advice like putting additives in a humidifier.

Every article on Cold Hot Air takes hours to produce and only the cold hard facts are allowed to be at the forefront.

With so many people recommending shoddy products or dangerous advice, it does make me angry, but I use that energy to produce better (and correct) content.

While I can’t fix the entire world, I do make one promise and that’s to be honest and fair, even if it means that it may hurt my bottom line.

With years of home repair and HVAC knowledge behind me, you can rest easy knowing I’m putting my readers before myself.