Best Plug In Air Purifier

Plug in air purifiers change the game by allowing you to save a ton of money, but which ones are the best?

The best plug in air purifier we found was the Germ Guardian GG1100W. In 2nd place, is the Clarifion – Air Ionizers for Home.

Below we go into the good, the bad, and even provide alternatives if you happen to have a bigger budget.

Let’s get started.

Top 3 Picks

Germ Guardian GG1100W
  • UV-C light technology
  • 7-inch wall-pluggable
  • Reduces odors
Clarifion - Air Ionizers for Home
  • Negative ion filtration system
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • No air filter required
Pure Air - 2 Units- Plug-in Air Purifier
  • Capable of delivering up to 500 square foot area
  • Negative ions
  • Work continuously for 24 hours

Best Plug In Air Purifiers

Germ Guardian GG1100W

Key Features:

  • UV-C light technology
  • 7-inch wall-pluggable
  • Reduces odors

In today’s world, where our living spaces need to be sanctuaries of cleanliness, the Pluggable Air Sanitizer stands out as a game-changer. It doesn’t just freshen the air; it actively purifies it, ensuring every breath you take is a step towards better health.

Notably, this little device is a soldier against airborne germs, working tirelessly to provide cleaner air and significantly lessen household odors. Whether it’s odors from your adorable pets, last night’s cooking adventure, or even those stubborn bathroom scents, it’s all taken care of.

The compact design, spanning just 7 inches, means it’s discreet enough for any room, be it near the kitchen sink, beside the litter box, or in your child’s nursery. Just plug it in and let it work its magic.

Now, where this sanitizer truly shines is its UV-C light technology. Paired with Titanium Dioxide, not only does it help combat those common viruses we all dread, but it also reduces volatile organic compounds, ensuring the air is as pure as it gets.

One might wonder about the maintenance, but here’s the delightful bit: there’s no filter replacement.

A simple change of the GermGuardian UV-C light bulb, roughly once a year depending on its usage, and it’s as good as new. The days of frequent filter changes and constant upkeep are in the past.

For anyone seeking an efficient, low-maintenance solution to indoor air purification, this pluggable air sanitizer surely comes across as an intuitive choice. It’s not just an appliance; it’s peace of mind, fitting snugly into any corner of your home.

  • Ideal for small rooms such as bathrooms and laundry rooms
  • Easy to operate and requires no setup or assembly
  • Quiet
  • Big & bulky

Clarifion - Air Ionizers for Home

Key Features:

  • Negative ion filtration system
  • Whisper quiet operation
  • No air filter required

Navigating the world of air purifiers can sometimes feel overwhelming. However, Clarifion – Air Ionizers for Home makes it elegantly simple. When you plug in this nifty device into a standard outlet, it quietly starts its mission, sidelining those chunky, high-maintenance air purifiers we’re accustomed to.

Designed to effortlessly blend into every room, the magic truly begins when you realize it’s not just limited to one space. Perfect for every corner of your abode, from the coziness of your bedroom to the warmth of your kitchen, this ionizer ensures consistent air quality throughout.

And for households with pets, that constant battle against pet dander? Consider it tackled with Clarifion’s prowess.

Perhaps the most delightful surprise is its no-fuss negative ion technology. While most purifiers have you frequently checking and replacing air filters, Clarifion removes that hassle entirely. Imagine the long-term savings and the uninterrupted clean air experience.

Plus, those floating allergens like pollen and dust? The device ensures they’re significantly minimized, providing that additional layer of comfort, especially during allergy season.

Its compact and portable nature deserves a mention too. The size is a testament to the adage, ‘good things come in small packages’. Whether you’re traveling or just shifting it between rooms, its lightweight design means it’s as mobile as you are.

In a world teeming with choices, the Clarifion Air Ionizer shines bright. For those who value efficiency, ease of use, and an all-encompassing clean air experience, this might just be the unsung hero they’ve been searching for.

  • Super easy to use
  • No filter to clean
  • Lightweight
  •  No way to turn the light off

Pure Air - 2 Units- Plug-in Air Purifier

Key Features:

  • Capable of delivering up to 500 square foot area
  • Negative ions
  • Work continuously for 24 hours

Stepping into the world of air purification can sometimes feel like entering a maze, but Pure Air emerges as a game-changer. Boasting a technological breakthrough, it has an unparalleled capability of releasing an astounding 20 million negative ions per second.

This isn’t just about numbers; it’s a rhythmic dance where the purifier operates diligently for 2 hours, then takes a brief 10-minute pause, ensuring a methodical ion release that’s perfectly synchronized with the science of clean air.

Now, if you’re picturing a mammoth machine, think again. Its mini size is deceptive, packing in power that can cater to expansive spaces up to 500 square feet.

It’s akin to having a miniature powerhouse that’s tenfold more efficient than its size would suggest. Whenever you plug it in, it’s like inviting a gentle breeze into your home that’s been filtered through a dense, pristine forest.

The ease of use is another feather in its cap. Once plugged in, it springs into action. And it’s not just about instantaneous action; it’s about consistent performance that’s also pocket-friendly.

Drawing merely 1 watt of power, it’s designed to function throughout the day without drilling a hole in your pocket. And the cherry on top? You won’t find yourself rummaging online or in stores for costly replacements. This is maintenance at its simplest.

Delving deeper into its powerful purification function, the impact it has on congested spaces is noteworthy. Imagine walking into a room that’s devoid of chemicals, where every breath feels fresher and cleaner.

This isn’t just an air purifier; it’s a breath of tranquility that rejuvenates the soul.

Whether it’s the coziness of your bedroom or the frequently trodden hallway, its versatility shines across various scenes. Every space in your home can now echo with the ambiance of a serene forest, no matter the time of day.

In a cluttered market of air purifiers, Pure Air does more than just stand out. It redefines what it means to blend cutting-edge technology with day-to-day practicality, ensuring every breath you take is a step closer to nature.

  • Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Wall plug in
  • For bedroom the light and it’s pulses are disturbing
  • Still noticeable food smells

FYY Plug-in Negative Ion Air Purifier

Key Features:

  • Powerful purification function
  • Silent design
  • Portable

At first glance, the FYY Plug-in Negative Ion Air Purifier might seem like just another plug-in device, but it is so much more. The robustness of its powerful purification function cannot be understated.

It’s not merely about pushing out ions but doing so rapidly and efficiently, ensuring the swift removal of that lingering fish curry aroma or the mustiness post a rainy day. Imagine entering a room and being greeted with freshness, much like after a gentle summer rain.

The silent design & intelligent technology is where the device truly shines. Picture this: you’re engrossed in a gripping novel or deep in meditation, and you’re not jolted out by the hum or buzz of an appliance.

It operates silently, gives itself a brief pause every 2 hours, and then resumes, all the while emitting a staggering 20 million negative ions every second. It’s akin to having a silent guardian ensuring that the atmosphere around you remains pristine.

Air quality concerns aren’t just about cleanliness; it’s also about safety. The improvement in air quality is evident, especially if you have little ones scampering around or furry friends lazing on the couch.

The purifier is diligent in its duties, ensuring even subtle tobacco traces are eradicated. It’s heartwarming to think of the positive effects, from alleviated stress to enhanced focus, all wrapped up in this device.

Practicality is often as crucial as performance. The FYY purifier understands this. Ease of use is paramount. Plug it in, and it’s ready to serve. A single button, no confusing settings, and an energy consumption that’s laughably low.

And when most devices come with added costs over time, this one ensures the absence of those pesky additional expenses. No filters to replace, no chips to buy.

And if you’re pondering where you might place it, the answer is simple: anywhere. From the intimacy of a bedroom or the busy hubbub of a kitchen, to more unique spaces like an elderly residence or even a pet’s favorite room. It adapts, ensuring that forest-like freshness is just a plug away, regardless of the setting.

In a market flooded with air purifiers, the FYY Plug-in Negative Ion Air Purifier stands as a testament to how innovative design, combined with user-centric features, can elevate an everyday experience.

Should any concerns arise, a supportive team is just an email away, ensuring that purity, in air and service, is always prioritized.

  • Can reduce pressure and fatigue
  • Reduce cigarette smell
  • Work great in small areas
  • Instructions could have been printed in large enough type
  • The sensor can sometimes get clogged with dust

Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W)

Key Features:

  • Filter indicator
  • Eco mode
  • True HEPA filter

The Coway Airmega AP-1512HH(W), affectionately known as the Coway Mighty, brings a breath of fresh air, both literally and figuratively. Crafted meticulously for spaces up to 361 sq. ft., it’s quite the powerhouse despite its sleek appearance.

If your home has ever been susceptible to dust, pollen, or that occasional waft of smoke from a burnt toast, this purifier is designed to be your guard, boasting impressive CADR values.

Delving into its core, the 4 Stage Filtration System is like the four knights of air purification. From a reliable pre-filter catching larger nuisances to the true HEPA filter targeting those almost microscopic particles, it ensures up to 99.97% purification.

Add to this a deodorization filter, and gone are the days of that lingering curry scent or pet odor. The Vital Ion feature is the cherry on top, ensuring a rejuvenating atmosphere every time.

A standout feature has to be its real-time pollution sensor. Picture yourself sipping coffee and, with just a glance, knowing the quality of your indoor air. Those brightly colored LEDs are not just aesthetic; they’re informative, adapting every minute to the air’s whims.

This constant vigilance ensures you’re always in the know, with the purifier adjusting its settings or moving into the energy-conserving Eco mode when the air’s pristine.

But what about customization? Whether you’re the set-it-and-forget-it kind or someone who prefers a hands-on approach, it’s got you covered. Manual settings let you dictate the pace, but its auto mode is intuitive, judging air quality and adjusting speeds as needed.

And for those nights when you’d prefer the purifier to work just for a set time, the timer becomes your best friend, ensuring the device powers off once its watch is done.

A silent nod to its user-friendly approach is its filter replacement indicator. No more guessing games or calendar reminders; the device is smart enough to inform you when it’s time for a wash or a change.

Couple this with an energy-efficient operation and a noise level that’s softer than a whisper, and you have an unobtrusive guardian working tirelessly for cleaner, fresher air.

In essence, the Coway Mighty isn’t just an air purifier. It’s a testament to how technology, when harnessed right, can seamlessly integrate into our lives, ensuring every breath we take is a little purer, a little fresher, and a lot more rejuvenating.

  • Quiet to the point of silent at the lowest setting
  • Nicely designed to look modern and not overly medical-looking
  • Air quality measure
  • Cannot turn off all lights at night
  • Too loud on higher settings
  • Requires some effort to read up one when to use what

What to Look for in an Air Purifier?

1. Type of Filters

  • HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter: Can capture at least 99.97% of particles 0.3 microns in diameter (like pollen, dust, and dander). It’s a gold standard for many air purifiers.
  • Activated Carbon Filter: Highly effective for removing odors, gases, and VOCs (volatile organic compounds) which a HEPA filter cannot capture.
  • Pre-Filter: Captures larger particles, helping to extend the life of the primary filter.
  • UV-C Light: Kills bacteria and viruses but must be used correctly to be effective without producing ozone.
  • Ionic Filter: Emits charged particles to magnetically attract contaminants, though some may produce ozone, which can be harmful in high amounts.

2. Room Size and CADR Rating

  • Room Size: Ensure the purifier is rated for the size of the room you plan to use it in.
  • CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate): A higher CADR number indicates the purifier can clean the air more rapidly. Look for separate CADR ratings for pollen, dust, and smoke.

3. Noise Level

  • Check the decibel (dB) rating. Lower ratings mean quieter operation. If you’re using it in a bedroom, a quieter machine is crucial.

4. Energy Consumption

  • Look for models with the Energy Star certification to ensure energy efficiency.

5. Filter Replacement and Maintenance

  • How often does the filter need to be replaced? Replacement filters can be an added expense over time.
  • Some models might have washable filters, reducing long-term costs.

6. Additional Features

  • Air Quality Sensors: Automatically adjust settings based on real-time air quality.
  • Timer: Set the purifier to run for a specific duration.
  • Multiple Fan Speeds: Allows for customization based on your current needs.
  • Remote Control or App Connectivity: For easier and more convenient operation.

7. Price and Warranty

  • Consider your budget, but remember that a higher price might offer better efficiency and durability.
  • Check for warranty coverage and what it includes.

8. Ozone Emission

  • Some purifiers, especially ionic purifiers, might produce ozone. It’s critical to select models that don’t, or that have been certified to produce it at extremely low and safe levels.

9. Design and Portability

  • Consider size, weight, and aesthetics if you plan to move it between rooms or if it needs to fit into a specific décor.

10. Brand Reputation

  • Research brands and read customer reviews to ensure reliability and performance.

Remember, the right air purifier for you will depend on your specific needs, whether that’s allergies, asthma, smoke removal, pet dander, or just overall air quality improvement. Always match the purifier’s features and capabilities with your primary concerns for best results.


The best plug in air purifier we found was the Germ Guardian GG1100W. In 2nd place, is the Clarifion – Air Ionizers for Home.

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