5 Ways to Make An Air Conditioner Colder

When it’s the middle of summer and you just want to relax in a cool house, it can be frustrating when your ac isn’t working right. Over time, air conditioners can develop all sorts of issues. Even if there is the slightest issue, it can throw off the efficiency of cool air.

As you’re sitting there contemplating “how to make an air conditioner colder”, just know it’s not always a major issue. You may just have a small problem that can be fixed quickly.

Read on to find out how to make your air conditioner produce more cold air.

5 Ways to Make an Air Conditioner Colder

1. Keep the outdoor condenser coil clean

It’s important to regularly check your outdoor condenser coil to make sure it’s clear of any debris and dust. You can do this by shutting off your electricity to your breaker box.

Next, use a garden hose to wash out any dirt and leaves on the condenser. Also, be sure there are no shrubs, weeds, or anything else blocking your cabinet air vent.

2. Clean your air conditioner’s filter regularly

During the summer and when you run your air conditioner consistently, it’s best to check your air filter each month.

Thankfully, filters are inexpensive. They are worth every penny as you can increase the energy efficiency of your ACunit when they are clear and allow more cold air to flow through.

3. Little-known ways to fix air leaks in your home

When something is wrong with an air conditioner, someone would assume the issue is only with the unit. However, sometimes the air conditioner is working just fine, but there are small air leaks in your home.

Check around everywhere to see if you can find any areas where cold air may be escaping. Even if you find some tiny areas, it’s important to still close them up. All you need is some caulking and weatherstripping.

If you have any gaps around your doors at all, adhesive-backed weatherstripping tape can work wonders. Any cracks where the walls meet your floor and ceiling or air leaks in vents, electrical conduits, or plumbing pipes can be fixed with some inexpensive expandable spray foam in a can

4. Block out the sun

If it’s a hot day, it’s going to be hard for any type of unit to cool down a room. In fact, it’s just going to take more energy to try and keep up with the humid weather.

There are sunlight blocking curtains you can try if this is a common problem where you live. You can also throw up a blanket in the window where the sun is shining. When the sun is overbearingly hot, it’s going to be hard for your window air conditioner to keep up, or even an outside air conditioning unit depending on how hot it is.

You can help by running a fan in the room to get the air flowing more. That may help your air conditioner to stop working so hard.

5. Keep a realistic set temperature

People have a habit of two things when it comes to setting their thermostats on an indoor and outdoor unit. The first is that they will set their thermostat to 80 or some high temperature while they are gone and expect it to cool down fast within an hour.

The other thing people often do is set the thermostat too low and it causes the AC to never shut off. The ideal range is 76-78 degrees. You can save on your energy bills this way plus have consistent cold air and your air conditioner won’t work as hard. To keep out extra warm air from the sun all you have to do is throw up a blanket or some light-blocking curtains.

Why Your Air Conditioning System isn’t Cooling Adequately

Some of the common problems are due to faulty parts, leaks, wear and tear, cooling coils, temperature sensing bulb, or some other mechanical failure. This can be hard to figure out on your own if you are not familiar with all the parts of an air conditioner.

If you follow all the tips above and you are still experiencing issues, you will need to contact an HVAC professional. Many homeowners assume they may need to replace their air conditioning unit when it’s not cooling properly. While that may be the case sometimes, it could be a minor issue that is fixable.

Signs to Replace Your Cooling System

1.Moisture and Leaking

Condensation around an air conditioner can be normal. However, if you notice an excessive amount around the unit, you may need to replace the AC unit.

If you have any refrigerant leaking, it’s a serious issue that should be taken care of right away. Refrigerant is a health risk to your family. Take it out safely and replace the entire system if this happens.

2. You’ve had it for over 10-15 years

Air conditioners typically last around 10-15 years if you have a good one. They eventually start experiencing problems and are unable to circulate air like they previously did when this happens.

Before you replace, if you’re a little hesitant it may be worthwhile to get a second opinion before buying a new one, just to make sure you’re making the best choice financially.

3. You have to make a lot of repairs

Whether you find yourself making a lot of repairs to your ac, or you have to call an HVAC contractor often, you may want to consider purchasing an entire new HVAC system. Newer air conditioner systems have better energy savings so it’s a win-win to upgrade over time.

Final Thoughts

Just like any appliance, a window air conditioner or central air can experience issues. Whether the unit is older or the coils inside or the air filter needs to be cleaned, these can all lead to decreased colder airflow. It’s important to rule out all the minor things first because if they are left unchecked, those small problems can cost you more money in the end and wreak havoc on your unit.

On a sunny day, it can even be as simple as checking your windows to make sure the sun isn’t heating your home; defeating the purpose of the ac.

More often than not, when a homeowner is trying to reach a more efficient colder temperature, it’s usually something minor. Rule out everything and if you can’t figure it out or don’t want to mess with it from the beginning, it’s beneficial to contact an hvac professional. By doing this stuff every day, the expert can pinpoint the issue a lot faster so you can get back to cooling your room down.

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