What is Sleep Mode on My Air Conditioner?

Wondering if you should use sleep mode on your air conditioner?

Sleep mode adjusts the temperature of your air conditioner per hour, allowing for better sleeping patterns and energy efficiency. It can save up to 36% of energy consumption over normal cooling modes.

Below you can find the pros and cons of sleep mode on your air conditioner.

Let’s get started.

How Sleep Mode on Your Air Conditioner Works

Sleep mode on your air conditioner regulates the temperature in the room by 0.5 to 1-degree celsius an hour and up to 3 degrees an hour.

Sleep mode allows for your air conditioner to save energy while you sleep throughout the night.

If your air conditioner has an intelligent motion sensor, then it will work even better.

The sensor will detect if you’re sleeping still and decreases or increase the temperature depending on how much you’re moving.

These days, almost all air conditioners have a sleep mode.

Depending on your make or model, it may be less or more advanced. You can turn it on with your remote control.

Benefits of Sleep Mode

Saves energy consumption: When you’re sleeping, you may not need your air conditioning to be as cool as you normally would like it when you’re awake.

With it on, it reduces the amount of energy your air conditioner uses by up to 36%.

Great for light sleepers: If your air conditioner has built-in sensors, then it will be able to adjust the temperature based on your sleeping patterns.

If you’re a light sleeper, then you won’t have to worry as sleep mode will adjust to your habits.

Wakes you up at a comfortable temperature: With sleep mode regulating the temperature, it will allow you to wake up at a comfortable temperature that’s not too hot or cold.

Downsides of Sleep Mode

May get too hot: If you prefer it to be fairly cold while you sleep, then you may not want to turn on sleep mode.

As it increases the temperature in the room, it may make you more uncomfortable.

The temperature will adjust if you move while you sleep: Some people naturally move while they sleep which will send the wrong signal to the movement sensor on the air conditioner.

If you move while you sleep, a sleep mode may adjust the temperature too often and make for a too hot or too cold environment.

When Not to Use Sleep Mode

If you are in a hot climate, you may not want to use sleep mode as it will increase the temperature in the room.

If you find that you wake up at night while using sleep mode, then turn it off so you can enjoy it from your preferred temperature.

While it may be obvious, you shouldn’t use sleep mode while you’re awake.

This will make for a hotter temperature during the day while you’re at home and can make it hotter than you prefer.

If you find that sleep mode has not improved your sleeping patterns, then you should turn it off so you can enjoy a better sleeping cycle.

Final Thoughts

If you try out sleep mode and find out that it helps you get to sleep, then keep it on. It will also help decrease the amount of energy you use while you sleep which is helpful.

If you find that it wakes you up as the hotter temperature disturbs you, then feel free to turn it off and use the conventional cooling mode to help you get to sleep.

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