7 Best 14000 BTU Air Conditioner

With so many options to choose from, finding the best 14000 BTU air conditioner can be dreadful. But after hours of comparing and researching, we’ve found the best one to be the Honeywell 14000 BTU.

It comes with dehumidifier and fan options all while boasting a single hose setup for better efficiency. All you’ll need to do is install the window kit and your room will be cold in no time!

If you’re after budget options or want to read the reviews, you can check them all out below.

Let’s get into it.

7 Best Best 14000 BTU Air Conditioners

Honeywell 14000 BTU Dehumidifier and Fan

  • Cools Up To: 700sq.ft
  • Warranty: Yes
  • Remote: Included

What I like

I love that you won’t need to get a bulky bucket to empty this portable air conditioner, it removes up to 51 pints in 24 hours on its own. You’ll be able to use the continuous drain option if you want this bad boy to run 24/7 without having to do any maintenance.

With thermal overload protection, you won’t have to worry about this air conditioner causing any harm to you, your home, or your loved ones. I love that this unit also doesn’t have a dual hose function, which means that it’ll be easier to vent the hot air outside where it belongs.

Not only that, if you have allergies, this air conditioner’s filter will help reduce pet dander and hair from entering the unit and back into your lungs. It’s not going to be as good as an ac filter for allergies, but it’s still a nice feature to have.

Choose between 3 fan speeds, a 24-hour energy-saving timer, and the direction of the louver with the remote control from anywhere in your room. You won’t have any issue installing this unit on a vertical or horizontal window as it comes with everything you need to get situated in a jiffy.

I also love that this Honeywell unit uses dual-motor technology which reduces the ambient noise levels. This portable air conditioner produces between 51 to 54 decibels which are around the level of a conversation. The front panel gives you access to all of your favorite features at the touch of a button.

What I don’t like

Some purchasers mentioned that they received a unit that vibrated, which is a sign of a defective unit. If you decide to go with this option, be aware to look out for that.


At this price point, it’s a great buy. It’s even $100 cheaper than some other models on this list while still having the same features as pricier models. You also won’t have the same issue that dual hose units have where it makes them less energy efficient. Worth checking out for sure!

Whynter ARC-14S

  • Cools Up To: 500 sq.ft
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty/3 year compressor warranty
  • Remote: Included

What I like

The Whynter ARC-14S is one of the best 14000 BTU portable air conditioners I could find on the market. With its 14000 BTU cooling capacity, dual hose feature, and dehumidifying power, it’s hard to find better portable units that can do what this unit does.

You’ll be able to dehumidify the air in your apartment or home up to 71 pints per day. Not only will you be able to keep your living space mold-free, but you’ll also be able to feel cooler with the reduced humidity this air conditioner provides.

If you want to save on electricity, you can opt to utilize the fan mode. Or if it’s not cold enough to turn on the AC but you want to circulate the air, you won’t need to go out and buy a pricy box fan. You’ll be able to choose from 3 fan speeds that go up to 253 CFM.

It comes with a window kit so you’ll be able to hook the exhaust hoses and get the warm air out of your room. It comes with a remote control as well so you can control your portable air conditioner from any spot in your room. Choose between the 24-hour timer, thermostatic control, and auto drain function with ease.

This portable air conditioner also comes with a washable air filter so you’ll be able to reuse your filter without having to purchase one every few months.

What I don’t like

The intake hose and exhaust hose are right next to each other which can mean that you’ll be sucking hot air when you want to be getting cold air. This means this unit is going to be less energy efficient than other models when it comes to keeping your room cold.


If you don’t put this portable air conditioner is a huge room and expect it to cool it down, you should be good to go. You may find though that other single-hose units do a better job VS this one in particular.


  • Cools Up To: 350 sq.ft
  • Warranty: 1 year
  • Remote: Included

What I like

You’ll be able to utilize the heating mode for those chilly nights. That’ll save you even more cheddar when you won’t have to purchase a space heater to keep yourself warm and toasty. But don’t forget its main feature, it’s also a great portable air conditioner.

It’s easy to install, it comes with everything needed to install right into your window. If you like your portable air conditioner to move with you, this one comes with caster wheels so you can get that cold air on your face wherever you’d like.

It comes with remote control as well as a mounted LED display showing you everything at the touch of a button. Clean the filter twice a month and you won’t have to spend any money replacing the filter either!

With a cooling capacity of 350SQFT, it should be more than enough cooling capacity for a moderately sized room. It also doubles as a dehumidifier should you need to get rid of some of that sticky humidity in your home during the summer.

What I don’t like

I don’t like that compared to other models, this will not be an efficient unit when it comes to its cooling capacity. I do however like the ability to heat a room.


If you’re after one of the best budget portable air conditioners around, then this Black and Decker portable air conditioner is going to do you well.

hOmelabs 14000 BTU Portable Air Conditioner

  • Cools Up To: 600 sq.ft
  • Warranty: Limited 2 year warranty
  • Remote: Included

What I like

What stands out about this hOmelabs portable air conditioner is that it’s the most aesthetic out of the bunch. A portable air conditioner is going to take up some space in your home and it’s important that it blends in and doesn’t stick out like an eyesore.

Regardless of its looks, it’s rated to cool down a 450 to 600 square foot room with a horizontal window. It also has wheels so you can move it around to where you’re sitting or where you sleep with ease. All you need to do is attach the hose to the adapter and plug it in and you’re set up with a cold air conditioner!

The filter is washable and aims to keep your portable air conditioner running energy efficient for years to come. The remote control will allow you to take control of your AC from anywhere in the room. It also has fan speed control and a sleep feature to keep you as comfortable as possible.

Reviewers mention this product is less loud than their window AC unit which is important if you’re going to be keeping this unit next to you while you sleep. I like the swing function as well which will get the airflow moving across your entire room and make stagnant air a thing of the past.

What I don’t like

The window adapter won’t work in a vertical window so you may have to look into other options.


This single-hose unit is a great alternative to any other portable ac unit on this list. If you’re looking after a model that will compare to window units, the air conditioning on this one will be hard to beat.

DeLonghi PACEX390UVcare-6AL WH Penguino 14000 BTU 

  • Cools Up To: 700 sq.ft
  • Warranty: 2 year limited
  • Remote: Included

What I like

The DeLonghi PACEX390UVcare-6AL has an interesting name but it also packs some features that other air conditioning units on this list don’t. Its UV-C technology claims that it can protect against viruses while cooling your home which can be great if you are exposed to the viruses it can protect against.

If you’re a light sleeper like me, this model has a sleep mode which will reduce the noise by up to 50 percent even at max speed. You can also use the programmable timer to turn off the machine without having to worry about how much electricity you’re using.

It can dehumidify, cool, or be used as a fan. It has a cooling capacity of up to 700sq.ft which is one of the highest on this list. The remote control will allow you to control this ac unit without having to get up from your comfy position.

You won’t have any problem moving this portable ac unit around either as it comes with wheels. I especially like the motorized louvers which will distribute the cold air throughout your room with ease.

What I don’t like

The price on this one is one of the highest on this list. While it is rated for a 700sq.ft room, it still might be out of most people’s budget for what it is.


If you need to cool down a 700 sq. ft room and don’t have an issue paying a premium price, you may want to check out one of the best single hose units on this list.

SereneLife SLPAC14 Portable Air Conditioner

  • Cools Up To: 500 sq.ft
  • Warranty: 1 year hassle free warranty
  • Remote: Included

What I like

You may have not heard of SereneLife before but they’re bringing you a sleek and stylish 14000 BTU portable air conditioner that’ll keep you cold when you need it most. The cooling power of this unit is rated for up to 500 square feet which is a bit bigger than a 2 car garage.

If you have a humid environment, it can remove up to 1.5 liters of moisture in the air in your home. You won’t have to buy a dehumidifier to go along with this unit, simply turn it on dehumidifying mode and enjoy a dry environment.

As all the units are similar, this one doesn’t fail when it comes to matching in terms of features. It comes with remote control as expected and has a push button control panel with a display if you wish to manually change any settings.

Compared to other portable air conditioners on this list, this one stands with the rest of them. Choose between the three operating modes and decide which way the air will circulate with the moving wind vents.

What I love most is the absolute killer price point that this model offers as well as the sleek aesthetic.

What I don’t like

Some purchasers mention that they had issues with the device coming to them a bit beaten up. Should anything go wrong with your purchase, you do have a warranty to fall back on.


Adding up its price, features, and aesthetic, the Serenlife SLPAC14 is one of the best portable air conditioners on the market. If anything would go wrong with it, you are eligible for free product support for peace of mind.

ROLLICOOL 14000 BTU Smart Portable Air Conditioner

  • Cools Up To: 375 sq.ft
  • Warranty: One year limited
  • Remote: Bluetooth/app

What I like

What other models on this miss are smart features, and this portable air conditioner has a great price WHILE having smart features! It’s going to be tough to beat this guy’s price, all while giving you Bluetooth and Alexa voice capabilities.

Even if you don’t have the internet to connect to the app with, the included Bluetooth makes it easy to connect and use the built-in remote. Not only does it have smart features, but it also comes with 14000 BTUs that can cool air in a 375 sq. ft room.

The dehumidify feature as well is going to be great to beat those hot and humid days, coming in at 2.91 liters/per hour that it can remove from the air. That’s 79 liters a day that it can remove from your environment keeping you dry and cool all year long.

This air conditioning unit also has smooth-glide 360-degree casters to make it easy to move to any corner of your room. Along with the included window kit and washable air filter, this is one of the best portable air conditioner systems I could find.

What I don’t like

I don’t like that if you have an issue with the app, you no longer will have the ability to use it as a remote. The app may also stop getting updated after a certain time, making it difficult to use.


If you’re after portable ac units with Bluetooth features, this is one of the best 14000 BTU portable air conditioner on the market.

How many square feet will a 14,000 BTU air conditioner cool?

14,000 British thermal units are enough to cool down a 600-700 square foot room. You’ll notice that some of the models on this list will vary, that’s because the fan inside of the unit is more or less powerful making each portable air conditioner have its limitations.

Not only that, environmental factors such as location, humidity, and outside temperature will all affect how well your portable air conditioner performs. Companies will always quote the highest amount they can achieve in a perfect setting, so look for a model that is quoted well above the size of your room.

How much electricity does a 14000 BTU air conditioner use?

A 14000 BTU air conditioner should use around 1250 watts. Mid-sized portable air conditioners should use around 2900 watts per hour and bigger units can get up to over 4100 watts per hour.

Final Thoughts

The Honeywell 14000 BTU was one of the best 14000 BTU air conditioners I could find. With all of its features and single hose exhaust, you should be able to cool down your room no problem.

If you’re wondering, you can also make your portable air conditioner cooler. You can also learn how often to drain your portable AC as well.

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