Best Quiet Wall Air Conditioner for Easy Sleeping

Tired of noisy wall air conditioners that won’t let you fall asleep?

After reviewing countless wall air conditioners, the best one I came across was the Emerson Quiet Kool 230V. It has smart features, a fully functional remote control, it can cool up to 450 square feet AND it can heat a room as well.

An alternative option is the Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner 8,000BTU, while it isn’t a wall air conditioner, it does operate around 46dB which is as quiet as a library.

Below you’ll find all of the quiet wall air conditioners reviewed.

Let’s get started.

Our Top Picks

Emerson Quiet Kool 230V 10,000
Emerson Quiet Kool 230V 10,000
  • Smart features
  • Cools 450 sq.ft
  •  55 dB operating level
LG LT1016CER 9,800 BTU 115V
LG LT1016CER 9,800 BTU 115V
  • 56 dB operating level
  • Uses 120v
  • Less expensive option
Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner
Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner
  • Ultra-quiet at 46dB
  • Smart features
  • Energy efficient 

Best Quiet Wall Air Conditioner

Emerson Quiet Kool 230V 10,000 

  • Decibel level: 55dB
  • Cooling capacity: Up to 450 sq.ft
  • BTU: 10,000

The Emerson Quiet Kool has 10,000 BTU of power, measures at 55dB and is perfect for rooms up to 450 square feet.

What I like

Most of all, I like that this wall air conditioner mentions that it’s “Quiet”. With operation up to 55dB, it’s going to be significantly less than other air conditioners that are rated at 70 decibels of operation.

If your home has smart features, this air conditioner will fit right in. With its smart voice control, it uses your in-home wifi to communicate with Alexa or Google Voice. You’ll be able to use this wall AC with the smart app to control this unit from anywhere.

The remote control has all the necessary functions, so if you don’t want to use the WiFi app, then you can use the remote instead. You can control the fan speed, display, timers, auto, sleep, fan, and power from anywhere with the comfort of the included remote.

The integrated sleep mode adjusts the temperature slowly to ensure that you get a great night’s rest as well as keeping this unit energy efficient. You can also rely on the timer should you wish for it to turn off after you fall asleep for even more energy saving.

This unit cools up to 450 square feet with its 10,000 BTUs. What I especially like about this unit compared to other air conditioners is that it also has 10,600 BTUs of supplemental heating. You’ll be able to not only enjoy cool air in quiet peace, but you’ll be able to heat it as well.

Be mindful that this is not the same as a window AC in that you’ll need to have this unit professionally installed if you don’t feel comfortable drilling a hole in your wall.

This unit comes with a 1-year warranty, 2 years of parts, and has a 5 year warranty on the compressor should anything go wrong.

What I don’t like

The downside of this wall air conditioner like this is that it doesn’t use a 120v plug like other wall air conditioners on this list. It uses an LCDI NEMA 6-20 plug, which will require an additional cost to install if you don’t already have one.

Why we’re recommending this product

Compared to other units I came across, this is the best quietest wall air conditioner I could find. With its 55dB operation mode, as well as its ability to heat and cool air, you’ll enjoy this wall AC for years to come. Even considering that you need to get a special plug installed, that’s the price you’ll need to pay to use the best of the best.

Best Runner Up Quiet Wall Air Conditioner

LG LT1016CER 9,800 BTU 115V 

  • Decibel level: 56 dB
  • Cooling capacity: 450 sq. ft.
  • BTU: 9800 BTU

This wall AC uses 120v, so you won’t have any problem with the installation process and you’ll be able to enjoy its cooling power.

What I like

I love that this wall AC uses a 120v plug so you don’t need to install any fancy outlets to enjoy this wall AC unit. It has dehumidification power of up to 2.9 pints per hour, which means you don’t need to purchase a separate dehumidifier for the humid season.

This wall AC boasts a comparative max 56-decibel rating. That’s 1 decibel under the Emerson Quiet Kool 230V while still having an equal BTU rating of 10,000. It’s suitable for use up to 450 square feet which is a little bigger than a two car garage.

It comes with a simple remote control, allowing you to control the fan speed, timer and which mode of operation it runs. The easy clean air filter is going to make it super easy to rinse it out and replace it in a jiffy.

This unit fits into a standard 26-inch wall sleeve which will make it easy to install (or easy for the contractor who installs it). Reviewers mention that they enjoyed the quiet operation of this wall air conditioner.

What I don’t like

Compared to other wall AC units, the remote control is a little lacking. I also don’t see that this unit has an energy saver mode which can be a bit disappointing.

Why we’re recommending this product

I like that this is a brand we have come to enjoy, LG. It has a comparable decibel rating to the overall winner at 56 decibels and it has a straightforward installation process.

The downside is that the remote control is a bit lacking and it doesn’t have smart features like other wall air conditioners on this list. It does however reflect in the price, which can be good if you want similar cooling ability while enjoying a lower price.

Best Budget Quiet Wall Air Conditioner

Emerson EARC6RE1 Quiet Kool 6,000 Btu

  • Decibel level: 55 dB
  • Cooling capacity: 150 to 250 sq.ft
  • BTU: 6000

You don’t have to spend a ton on wall air conditioners to enjoy quiet comfort, like the Emerson EARC6RE1.

What I like

I love that this unit is exactly what you need for small to medium-sized rooms at 250 square feet. You don’t need an oversized unit, as oversized air conditioners can even be harmful to the environment in your home.

You’ll be able to enjoy a variety of different operating modes just like other air conditioners on this list. Cool, Dry, Fan and Auto mode are all available at the press of a button (as well as the remote).

The included washable mesh filters are a nice touch as well as it being energy star certified. You’ll be able to have similar energy usage as window air conditioners while still being able to enjoy the quiet operation of this wall AC unit.

What I don’t like

This unit is going to only be good for smaller-sized rooms. It’s not going to be able to keep up with anything bigger than 250 square feet and it doesn’t come with any fancy features like smart controls or a Wifi app.

Why we’re recommending this product

This is a great budget-minded option that is suitable for smaller rooms. You’ll be able to enjoy from the included remote control, 56dB of quiet operation and enjoy the rotary compressors which add to a quiet and cool experience.

Best Alternative Quiet Air Conditioner

Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner 8,000BTU

  • Decibel level: 42dB
  • Cooling Capacity: Up to 350
  • BTU: 8000

While this isn’t a through-the-wall air conditioner, it is one of the quietest air conditioners on the market right now. You’ll enjoy its unique design as well as its plethora of features.

What I like

This unit operates at 42dB! That’s as quiet as a library and much, much quieter than the wall air conditioners on this list. Sadly, I couldn’t find any that were as quiet as this one, but you may want to consider it over other options.

The U-shaped design helps to block outside noise and uses the high-efficiency inverter system to reduce vibrations and make for a quieter, peaceful environment. Unlike other window units that require you to keep the window closed, you can open the window without any issue with its unique design.

The Midea U was also the first window air conditioner to obtain the Energy Star Certification of 2021. It offers 35% more energy savings than its counterparts with its unique DC inverter technology.

You can choose between 8000, 10,000 and 12,000 BTUs depending on your needs. The largest unit will cool up to 500 square feet. The included WiFi/smart capabilities will make it super easy to operate from anywhere in your home.

To top it all off, it comes a one-year limited warranty should anything go wrong.

What I don’t like

This unit isn’t a through-the-wall unit like the other wall air conditioners on this list.

Why we’re recommending this product

I think that if you’re open-minded to using a window air conditioner, this is the quietest unit on the market that I could find. It’s also built by Midea which is a great brand. If you want to enjoy operation modes that work at around a library level, this is one of the best choices to pick from.

Also Great Alternative Quiet Air Conditioner

Midea Duo 12,000 BTU

  • Decibel level: 42 dB
  • Cooling capacity: 450 square feet
  • BTU: 12000

This unit is one of the quietest portable air conditioners on the market right now. You’ll be able to enjoy a portable solution and won’t have to knock out a hole in your wall.

What I like

I like that with this unit, you won’t have to pay for installation if you didn’t have place for a through-the-wall air conditioner prior. You can simply set up the exhaust hose with this portable AC unit and you’re ready to cool down your home.

This unit has a modern, sleek aesthetic that I enjoy. Most wall air conditioners are an eyesore, and this unit is the exact opposite of that. You’ll be able to set this unit anywhere in your home and enjoy its stealth appearance.

It has a 12000 BTU capacity which is going to be able to cool down a 450 square foot area. Midea also claims this unit has super fast cooling and super strong cooling power. You’ll be able to enjoy a faster, colder portable air conditioner than you’ve experienced before.

You can use the integrated smart controls right on your phone or with a voice assistant of your choice. If you don’t want to use the app, you can use the fully functional remote control instead.

The best part of all? It’s the quietest air conditioner on this list. It clocks in at 42 decibels which is even quieter than a library. You’ll be able to rest easy even with this air conditioner working in the background.

What I don’t like

Portable air conditioners can be a bit fussy and they aren’t as efficient as a window or through the wall units. They also can be a bit annoying to set up and sometimes leak air.

Why we’re recommending this product

While portable air conditioners have their faults, this one clocks in at 42dB, has cooling power of up to 450 square feet, and looks great to top it all off. Even compared to the quietest wall air conditioner, it’s still going to put up a fight in terms of features, quality, and appearance.

Quiet Wall Air Conditioner FAQ

Why is my wall air conditioner so loud?

Wall air conditioners can make several different noises, from making a loud noise when turning off to banging, rattling or other startling noises. It’s best to listen intently to deduce what exactly the type of sound is to diagnose the issue.

Your wall air conditioner may be naturally noisy or it can have an internal issue that needs to be diagnosed. Be sure to consult with a technician if you aren’t sure how to properly diagnose the issue yourself before you replace your HVAC system.

How can I make my wall air conditioner quieter?

The best way to make your wall air conditioner quieter is to install insulation on either sides or foam weatherstripping to reduce vibrations. You also want to check the internals of your wall air conditioner unit to see if there are any loose or malfunctioning parts that are causing loud noises.

What is a quiet decibel for an air conditioner?

The quietest air conditioner I could find was 42 decibels, which is quieter than a library. You’ll find most air conditioning units these days operate between 50-60 decibels depending on the make and model. More powerful units will have to create more noise as they work harder to cool down bigger spaces.

How do I reduce outside noise from window air conditioner?

You have a few choices, like adding a sound barrier behind the air conditioner to help reduce any sound from escaping. You can also put in weatherstripping on all sides of the AC unit to reduce any incoming noises from outside.

Wrapping it Up

After searching far and wide, I came across Emerson Quiet Kool 230V as the best quiet wall air conditioner. It has everything you need from heating and cooling, as well as a full functioning remote and smart capabilities. One downside is that you’ll need to have a special outlet installed as it’s not suited for normal 120v operation.

Personally, I would recommend going with a window air conditioner like Midea U Inverter Window Air Conditioner 8,000BTU. It’s also fully featured but it operates around 46dB, which is much quieter than the quietest wall air conditioners I could find.

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