Best Casement Window Air Conditioner to Stay Cool

Can’t find that perfect casement window air conditioner that’ll fit?

Don’t worry, the best window casement air conditioner I could find was the FRIGIDAIRE FFRS1022R1. It’s great for up to 450sqft, comes with a remote and an installation kit for an easy install.

Another great option is the Koldfront CAC10000W. Comes with all the same features but is a bit more expensive.

If you’re looking for some alternative options or to read the reviews, you can find them all below.

Let’s dive in.

Our Top Picks


Also Great: Koldfront CAC10000W

Honorable mention: Perfect Aire 10,000 BTU


Alternate #2: MIDEA EasyCool

Best Casement Window Air Conditioner


  • BTUs: 10,000
  • Power Type: 110v
  • Window Height: 21.5 inch minimum / 40 inch maximum
  • Minimum window width: 15.5 inch

What I like

I love that this sliding window air conditioner can cool a room up to 450 square feet. Your room will stay cool as a cucumber with the 10,000 BTUs keeping you cool as a cucumber all summer long. With a limited number of vertical window air conditioners out there, this one took the cake.

No matter where you are in your room, you’ll also be able to control it with the included full-function remote control. With the remote, you’ll be able to choose from cool, energy saver, fan, auto fan, sleep mode, and timer options. With control at your fingertips, you won’t ever need to get up to fiddle with this sliding window AC.

If you live in a humid environment, you’ll be glad to know that this casement window air conditioner will dehumidify your room at up to 3.4 pints per hour. That’s a great feature considering that with less humidity in your room, you’ll be able to feel at ease and in comfort. No one likes a hot, sticky mess of a room!

Another great feature is the ability to direct the air where you want it. It may be capable of cooling down a 450 sqft room, but maybe at night, you’d like that cool air to reach your face? That’s no issue with this window air conditioner!

You can plug this right into a 120v outlet and you’ll be on your way with the best casement air conditioner around. (Don’t forget the limited warranty as well and an energy efficiency ratio of 10.4!)

What I don’t like

One gripe about most casement window air conditioners is that they won’t fit into other window sizes, making them a bit useless if you decide to move and have no casement windows.


Overall, this air conditioner has everything. 10,000 BTUs, a limited warranty, and a remote. It comes with an installation kit to for ease of installation.

Also Great Casement Air Conditioner

Koldfront CAC10000W 10000 BTU

  • BTUs: 10,000
  • Power Type: 115v
  • Window height: minimum height of 20-5/16″ and a maximum height of 39-7/16″
  • Window width: 15-1/2″ to 16-1/4

What I like

This casement air conditioner is capable of cooling down a space of 400 to 450 square feet. That’s about the size of a 2 car garage and will likely be more than enough for any room you’re working with. This air conditioner only works with LEFT TO RIGHT sliding windows, so be aware of that.

The full-function remote control gives you access to sleep mode, 3 fan speeds, and has a 16-foot range. You can control the 3 fan speeds that go to 324, 294 and 265 CFMs. If you’re ready to hit the bed, simply turn on sleep mode and have a great rest.

If you’re into saving on electric bills, the energy saver mode is going to be a lifesaver! It already has an energy efficiency ratio of 10.4 which will help save you cold hard cash. Some air conditioners fail at keeping the price down, and window air conditioners are known for being efficient as heck.

On the front, you have features like check filter which will help keep your vertical window air conditioner working all great all year long. It also has more in-depth controls such as a temperature gauge and the ability to open and close the exhaust.

I love that this also comes with weather seals so you’ll be able to insulate this slider window air conditioner without fail. Without proper insulation, this window ac unit will fail to cool properly. Now, you have all the tools available to take care of that issue.

What I don’t like

One gripe I’ve seen is that this unit is a bit loud.


With such limited options trying to cool casement windows, this air conditioning unit is still a great way to keep your home cool all year long.

Check Price

Best 10000 BTU Casement Air Conditioner

Perfect Aire 10,000 BTU

  • BTUs: 10,000
  • Power Type: 115v
  • Window height: 21¼”/39½”
  • Window width:  15½”/16¼”

What I like

I love that this casement window air conditioner comes with full-range air direction control. On the front panel, you’ll have easy access to directing the cold air wherever you are. It’s perfect to get that cool breeze wherever you are in the room.

It comes with a remote capable of taking advantage of the multi speed electronic controls as well as sleep, dry and energy saver modes. You can choose between temperatures between 62F and 86F for those chilly days.

You’ll be able to cool down a room up 450 sq. ft with this vertical window ac. When your filter needs to be changed, all you need to do is use the tilt-out filter access function and you’ll be able to change it with ease.

The expandable window installation kit also allows you to install this casement air conditioner in both horizontal sliding or crank out casement windows. Make sure to measure your window to ensure this air conditioner will fit.

What I don’t like

Not much to hate on this one!


This is another great option out of all the sliding window ac units. It seems that most of the casement air conditioners are all made in the same place with a different brand thrown on the front. That being said, this one is still a great option vs installing traditional window air conditioners!

Best Alternative Option


  • BTUs: 6,000
  • Power Type: 115v

What I like

Another option to slider window acs is to invest in a portable air conditioner. While I don’t think they’re the most efficient option, they are the easiest to setup. If you know that your casement window is going to be finicky, you’ll be able to install this window AC without an issue.

This portable AC is powerful enough to cool down a room of 250sq.ft or less. It’s a perfect fit for small rooms where you don’t need to purchase a more expensive option that will be overkill. You get exactly what you need with this model.

It’s super easy to use with the remote control giving you access to a 24-hour timer, three fan speeds and sleep functions. It also has a dehumidify mode to keep your space dry and mold free. This alternative AC also has a mounted LED display showing you all of the information you need at a quick glance.

The window kit comes included for your window frame as well as a washable air filter for easy replaceability. While it isn’t going to compete with vertical air conditioners, it is one of the best portable air conditioners out there.

Alternative Option #2

MIDEA EasyCool Window Air Conditioner

  • BTUs: 10000
  • Power Type: 110v
  • Max window width: 36 inch
  • Max window height: 14 inch

What I like

This is another alternative option if you find that standard casement window ACs don’t fit your window. It’s going to fit in a normal-sized window, but you always have the option of getting window installed for your standard window air conditioners.

I like this unit has 10,000 BTUs which is more than enough for 450 square feet, or about the size of a 2 car garage. You’ll be able to keep your room (and others) cool during the hot months of the year with ease.

The only thing you need to install this window AC is a screwdriver and a helping hand to get it into place. It comes with the mounting accessories required to get this window AC installed so no need to run to the hardware store.

It has fresh air vent control so you can direct the air where you need it to go. I prefer to have some wind on me while I sleep, so always nice to have that feature. It comes with a remote that will let you control this AC unit from anywhere in the room. The reusable filter is a great additional as well.

What I don’t like

This won’t fit in a casement window.


If you’re looking for an alternative to slider window air conditioners, then this window AC unit is your best bet.

Casement Window Air Conditioner FAQ

What is a casement window air conditioner?

A casement window air conditioner is one that will fit into a casement window. Casement windows are vertical windows that hinge at the side and open left or right. They can be a great, aesthetic addition to a home but can be a pain getting a window AC to fit in them.

What size AC should I pick?

Depending on the size of your room, you’ll have different needs. The max size casement window AC I could find was 10,000 BTUs which is going to cool a 450 sq.ft space. Your results will vary depending on where you live.

For the most accurate estimate, you can use this tool to give you a better reality check.

How to install a casement window AC?

Installing sliding window ACs can be a pain if you’re working alone. It’s recommended to get some help to make sure that you’re safe before taking on this job yourself.

To install a casement window AC, you’ll need to install it completely from the inside of your house. You will also need to install one screw from the outside of your house to ensure that the AC stays in place. Do NOT hang out the window to do this as this is very dangerous, if you need to call a professional you can call our professionals any time for a quote.

You’ll receive an installation kit as well that will hold up the casement window unit. You’ll need to install this on the house siding. After following the instructions and installing it, you’ll need to fill the top gap to with plastic or particleboard to ensure that your room is insulated.

Be careful when installing casement window units as they’re fairly heavy. It’s not recommended to install by yourself.

What to look for in a casement AC?

Cooling Capacity

You’ll want to pick up a unit that can satisfy your needs. As most air conditioners on this list max out at 10,000 BTUs, that means they’re capable of cooling up to 350 square feet. If you need to cool down a space larger than that, I would recommend looking into getting a mini-split installed VS trying to install supplementary cooling.

Energy Efficiency Rating (EER)

The energy efficiency rating is the cooling capacity of an air conditioning system. A higher EER means that the unit is more efficient. In general, a rating above 12 is considered energy efficient. Although none of these AC units on this list hit that mark, they all are in the similar range of around 10.4


Not all casement windows are the same size. If you aren’t sure if one of these units will fit into your casement window, it’s best to measure twice before having the unit delivered and being disappointed!

Final Thoughts

For all casement windows that can fit it, the FRIGIDAIRE FFRS1022R1 10000 BTU is a great choice. I also enjoyed reviewing the Perfect Aire 10,000 BTU, with its fully functional remote and ample amount of cooling power.

Don’t forget that you can also settle for a portable AC unit or even have a window installed to fit a normal AC unit.

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