How to Clean Gas Furnace Burners?

Home sweet home! Nothing beats the feeling of cozy warmth when it’s chilly outside. But have you ever wondered about the hidden hero that works behind the scenes to keep your home warm and comfortable? It’s your furnace, and more specifically, the gas furnace burners.

Like any other machine, these burners need care to keep them running smoothly. This article will demystify what a gas furnace burner is, when and how to clean them, identify common problems, and when it’s time to call an HVAC expert.

What is a Gas Furnace Burner?

A gas furnace burner is a part of your heating system. It helps convert gas into heat.

Simply put, it’s where the magic of warming your home happens!

When Should You Clean Your Gas Furnace Burners?

Cleaning your gas furnace burners should be done regularly. Aim to do this before every heating season.

This is crucial to keep your furnace running smoothly and efficiently.

5 Steps to Clean Your Gas Furnace Burners

Before we start, remember safety first! Turn off the gas supply valve and the power switch.

Also, don’t forget to put on safety goggles and gloves. Now, let’s get started.

Step 1: Access the Burner

First, locate the access panel on your furnace. You’ll need to remove this to reach the burners.

Gently remove the panel. You’ve now got access to your furnace burners.

Step 2: Inspect and Disconnect the Burner

Take a good look at your burners. Are they dirty? Do you see carbon deposits?

If so, it’s time to clean. Disconnect the burner assembly carefully.

Step 3: Clean the Burners

For cleaning, you can use a wire brush or steel wool. Scrub gently to remove any dirt or soot.

Don’t be too rough. You want to clean, not damage the burners.

Step 4: Clean Other Parts

It’s also essential to clean the combustion chamber, gas valve, and flame sensor. Use a soft brush for these parts.

Also, remember to clean or replace the air filter. A clean air filter means better furnace efficiency.

Step 5: Reassemble and Test

Once everything is clean, reconnect your burners. Then, place the access panel back on.

Now, switch on the gas supply and power. Check the color of the flame; a healthy furnace has a blue flame.

What Are Some Problems that Occur With Gas Furnace Burners?

One common issue is dirty furnace burners. Dirt can block gas flow, affecting the heating.

In some cases, the burners may fail to light. This could be due to problems with the hot surface igniter or pilot lights.

Furnace burners may also develop cracks or wear out over time. When this happens, it’s best to replace them.

How to Know if Furnace Burners are Dirty?

The best sign of dirty burners is the flame color. Look for yellow flame or orange streaks.

Another sign is an increase in your energy bills. Dirty burners make your furnace work harder, using more energy.

How to Clean a Furnace Heat Exchanger?

Cleaning a furnace heat exchanger is similar to cleaning burners. Start by turning off the furnace breaker and gas supply.

Use a brass wire brush to scrub the exchanger. Pay special attention to any areas with carbon deposits.

Next, use an air compressor to blow out any remaining debris. Lastly, check for any cracks or damage on the heat exchanger.

Remember to reconnect everything and turn your furnace back on once you’re done.

When Should You Replace Your Gas Furnace Burners?

Generally, you should consider replacing your gas furnace burners if they’re damaged. Cracks or significant wear can affect performance.

Also, if cleaning doesn’t resolve issues like a yellow flame, it might be time for new burners.

Should You Repair Your Gas Furnace Burners or Hire an HVAC Expert?

While you can clean and maintain your furnace burners, some tasks need a professional. If you’re not comfortable or the issue persists, hire an HVAC expert.

Experts can also perform annual furnace maintenance. This includes checking the blower motor, belt for cracks, and flue pipes for safety.

Remember, your furnace is a vital part of your home. Keeping it in peak condition ensures your comfort during the heating season.


Ensuring a comfortable and warm home doesn’t have to be an uphill task. With a basic understanding of your gas furnace burners and simple maintenance steps, you can keep your furnace running optimally throughout the heating season.

Remember, regular maintenance isn’t just about comfort; it’s also about safety. And while it’s possible to handle some tasks yourself, don’t hesitate to bring in an HVAC expert when needed. After all, a well-maintained furnace doesn’t just mean a cozy home, but also peace of mind. Happy heating!

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