How to Hide a Furnace in the Middle of a Basement, Laundry Room and Bathroom

The furnace is an essential part of our home, but let’s face it, it’s not the most aesthetically pleasing feature.

More often than not, furnaces are located in basements, including unfinished basements or laundry rooms, which can present a unique design challenge.

Today, we’re sharing creative ways to hide a furnace that doesn’t compromise on its functionality, your floor plans, or the overall aesthetics of your space. Let’s explore!

5 Ways to Hide a Furnace in the Middle of a Basement

The basement can be a gathering space, an office space, or simply extra space to store items. The choice to hide a furnace in a basement largely depends on the basement’s size and the design plan you have in mind.

  1. False Wall: Building a false wall can be the cheapest option to conceal your furnace. Ensure to use lightweight materials and to leave plenty of space for proper ventilation.
  2. Decorative Screens: A decorative screen or folding screen can be an easy and popular option. Screens not only hide the furnace but can also add to your basement’s color scheme.
  3. Closet Doors: Another approach is to construct a utility closet around your furnace. Remember to leave openings for proper ventilation.
  4. Drop Ceiling: For basements with high ceilings, a drop ceiling can be an efficient way to hide your furnace.
  5. Paint: Bright colors can make a huge difference. Paint the furnace to blend in with the foundation walls, preferably white walls for a smooth finish.

5 Ways to Hide a Furnace in a Laundry Room

If your furnace is in the laundry room, consider these creative ideas:

  1. Piece of Furniture: You can build a cabinet around your furnace. This can serve as additional storage space or a desk space if needed.
  2. Curtains: Lightweight materials like curtains can be a practical and inexpensive way to hide your furnace.
  3. White Walls: If your laundry room has white walls, consider painting your furnace white for a seamless blend.
  4. Sliding Doors: Sliding doors can easily hide your furnace while providing quick access when necessary.
  5. Plants: Use large indoor plants to obscure your furnace from sight.

5 Ways to Hide a Furnace in a Bathroom

A furnace in a bathroom needs careful planning due to potential hazards. Here are safe and stylish ways to hide it:

  1. Build a Cabinet: A cabinet around your furnace is one of the popular choices.
  2. False Wall: Just like in a basement, a false wall can conceal your furnace. Use wall studs for the structure and make sure it has a smooth finish.
  3. Slatted Doors: Slatted doors provide proper ventilation while effectively hiding the furnace.
  4. Artwork: Use artwork or decorative pieces to distract from the furnace.
  5. Mirrors: Mirrors can help hide the furnace while making the space seem larger.

Can You Enclose a Furnace and Water Heater?

Yes, you can enclose a furnace and a hot water heater together, given there’s plenty of space and adequate ventilation. It’s important to ensure that no combustible materials are near these appliances.

For safe enclosure, always consult with a knowledgeable contractor or structural engineer.

Are Furnaces in a Basement Safe?

Furnaces in a basement, whether it’s a finished basement or not, are generally safe if installed correctly. It’s always essential to ensure your furnace and hot water tank have proper ventilation and are regularly inspected by a building inspector.

How to Hide a Furnace in a Laundry Room or Bathroom

Hiding a furnace in a laundry room or bathroom requires a delicate balance between aesthetics and safety. From using a decorative screen to incorporating it into a piece of furniture, the options are vast.

However, always prioritize safety and functionality over aesthetics.


The art of hiding a furnace in your basement, laundry room, or bathroom comes down to creativity and careful planning. With thoughtful design, you can transform these utilitarian spaces into dedicated spaces of comfort and utility.

Whether you’re embarking on a full basement renovation or just want to improve the look of your existing space, remember that even the most functional appliances like furnaces and water heaters can be seamlessly integrated into your decor.

Don’t forget to ensure safety regulations and always consult with an expert when in doubt.

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