How to Run a Furnace When Power is Out?

As an HVAC enthusiast, I know that keeping warm when the power goes out can be a major concern. Today, I want to share with you some tips on how to run your furnace when the power is out.

Will a Gas Furnace Run Without Electricity?

In general, modern gas furnaces need electricity. The power controls things like the blower motor and ignitor.

However, some older models may operate without electricity. These older types of furnaces use pilot lights to ignite the gas.

Will an Old Gas Furnace Work Without Electricity?

Yes, certain old gas furnaces can work without power. They use a thermocouple sensor instead of an electrical ignition system.

But remember, they still need a working gas supply. Without gas, they can’t produce heat.

What to Do When Gas Furnace Goes Out During a Power Outage?

First, check your circuit breaker. If it’s tripped, reset it and see if the furnace restarts.

Next, check the gas valve. Make sure it’s open and supplying gas to your furnace.

How to Properly Restore Gas Furnace after a Power Outage

Step 1: Reset the Circuit Breaker

Make sure the breaker for your furnace is in the ‘on’ position. If it’s tripped, reset it.

Step 2: Check the Gas Supply

Ensure your gas valve is open. Your furnace needs gas to operate.

Step 3: Wait and Test

After power returns, wait a few minutes. Then, try turning on your furnace.

How to Keep Warm Without Any Power

Bundle Up

Wear layers and use blankets to trap body heat.

Use Insulation

Cover windows and doors with blankets. This prevents cold air from coming in.

Hot Water Bottles

Hot water bottles can be a great source of heat. Be careful not to burn yourself!

Can a Furnace Run on a Generator?

Yes, you can use a portable generator to power your furnace. Make sure to connect it correctly and safely. You’ll need a generator that can power your furnace, so double check the power requirement for your furnace.

Can You Plug a Generator Into a Furnace When the Power is Out?

Only if your furnace has a transfer switch installed. It lets you switch between the grid and a generator.

Does the Pilot Light Go Out When Power is Out?

No, a pilot light usually stays on. But, it can go out if there’s a problem with your gas supply.

Will a Gas Furnace Run Without Gas?

No, a gas furnace needs gas to operate. Without it, the furnace won’t be able to heat your home.


While some older gas furnaces can operate without electricity, modern ones generally cannot. In times of power outage, be prepared to keep warm through other means and ensure you restore your furnace properly once power returns.

Always prioritize safety and if in doubt, seek professional services to help.

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