Best Space Heater for Baby Room

Finding the right space heater for your baby’s room can be tricky, but don’t worry, we got you covered.

The best space heater for a baby’s room we found was the Portable Electric Space Heater. You can also rely on the Amazon Basics 1500W Heater when in need.

Below we’ll break down the reviews for the best space heaters for your baby’s room.

Let’s get started.

Top 3 Picks

Portable Electric Space Heater
  • Tip-over protection 
  • Overheat protection
  • Manual thermostat
Amazon Basics 1500W Heater
  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 3 output options
  • Tip-over switch with auto shut-off
Space Heater 1500W Electric
  • Portable
  • Tip over protection
  • Built-in thermostat

Best Space Heaters for Baby Room

Portable Electric Space Heater

Key Features:

  • Tip-over protection 
  • Overheat protection
  • Manual thermostat

Meet the Portable Electric Space Heater, a versatile solution perfect for those cold winter nights or even for a quick chill during the summer. It’s a 2 in 1 heater fan that offers two heat levels – 1500W and 750W, and even a cool air fan. What’s impressive is the thermostat control. Set your desired temperature, and the heater will do the rest, turning off and on to maintain that cozy warmth.

Safety is crucial when it comes to appliances for baby rooms, and this heater doesn’t fall short. Its Multi protection safety system is designed with your little one’s safety in mind. Made of flame retardant material and featuring an automatic shutoff system for overheating, as well as tip-over protection, it brings peace of mind to any parent.

What’s more, this space heater is compact and powerful. Its size, just 6.2 x 7 x 10.2 inches, and weight at 2.9 pounds, make it easily portable. Imagine the convenience of warming up only the baby’s room without cranking up the central heating. Its built-in carry handle and compact size mean you can place it exactly where you need it.

One thing you’ll love is its quiet and fast heating ability. With a noise level under 45 decibels, it won’t disturb the baby’s sleep. The PTC ceramic heating technology coupled with a high-speed fan ensures that the room heats up quickly. Your little one’s room will be toasty warm in mere seconds, perfect for those unexpected chilly nights.

Lastly, the upgraded ABS material adds to its durability and safety. Being more flame-retardant and featuring a six-foot lead cord and 2-prong connection, it ensures longevity.

  • Lightweight
  • Energy efficient
  • 2 in 1 heater fan
  • Just a bit noisy
  • Safety button can break off quite easily
  • Lacks a variety of adjustable settings

Amazon Basics 1500W Ceramic Heater

Key Features:

  • Adjustable thermostat
  • 3 output options
  • Tip-over switch with auto shut-off

The Amazon Basics 1500W Oscillating Ceramic Heater is more than just a way to keep warm; it’s an element of comfort that adapts to your needs. Imagine walking into your baby’s room and feeling that gentle, cozy warmth on a cold day.

The heater’s adjustable thermostat allows you to find just the right temperature, and the oscillating option ensures that the warmth is spread evenly throughout the room. It’s not about blasting heat; it’s about creating an environment of gentle warmth.

Now, if you’re a parent, you know that safety is a top priority. This heater comes with a tip-over switch with auto shut-off and overheat protection. You can rest easy knowing that, even if you accidentally knock it over, the heater will shut itself off. It’s not just a feature; it’s peace of mind, underscored by the fact that it’s TUV certificated.

What if you need to move the heater from one room to another? The carrying handle makes it a breeze. Though it’s worth noting that it’s not designed for bathrooms or other high-humidity rooms, the portability means you can create comfort in various parts of the home without any fuss.

Choices matter, and with this heater, you can select between Black or Silver color, allowing you to match it with the room’s decor. Plus, it comes backed by an Amazon Basics limited 1-year warranty, giving you confidence in your purchase.

The 1500-watt high setting and 3 output options: Low, High, or Fan Only provide flexibility. Whether you need a bit of warmth or just want to circulate the air, this heater adapts. And the power indicator light? That’s a small but handy addition, letting you know at a glance if it’s plugged in.

  • Puts out decent heat at a low cost
  • Many setting for different purpose
  • Good safety feature in case it is toppled off
  • A bit noisy when turn to high below set
  • Does not have a handle 
  • Needs to be plugged in directly to a wall outlet

Space Heater 1500W Electric

Key Features:

  • Portable
  • Tip over protection
  • Built-in thermostat

Imagine a chilly morning in your baby’s room, the cold seeming to creep in from every corner. That’s where the Small Space Heater with Thermostat comes to the rescue.

With its remarkable ability to heat in just 2 seconds thanks to its high 1500W output, this heater quickly dispels the chill, enveloping the room in comforting warmth. You don’t have to wait or worry; it’s almost instant relief.

But what makes this heater special is its adaptability. The built-in thermostat with 3 comfort settings (High Heat, Low Heat, and Fan only) lets you tailor the room’s environment to your baby’s needs.

Whether it’s a bit of gentle warmth or more powerful heat, you can set it, forget it, and know your little one is cozy. It’s not just about heat; it’s about control.

Safety, of course, is paramount. This heater takes care of that too, with US ETL certification and built-in overheating and tip-over protection. If anything goes wrong, the heater will shut off on its own. It’s a reassurance, knowing that even if you’re not right there, the heater is looking out for your family.

Efficiency is key, and this heater excels with its efficient convection heat. It doesn’t just get hot; it maintains that heat with its ideal electric ceramic heating elements. It’s like having a steady, gentle hug of warmth all day long.

But perhaps one of the most surprising things is how this powerful little heater is so compact. Its small dimensions of 6.3″ long, 4.73″ wide, 8.66″ high, and weight of just 2.43 lbs make it perfect for nurseries or even under-desk heating in your office. Its modest size belies its power, making it a versatile companion.

In summary, the Small Space Heater with Thermostat is like a trusted friend on those cold days. Quick to warm, easy to control, safe, efficient, and conveniently compact, it’s a heater that does more than just warm a room; it brings comfort when and where you need it. Whether for your baby’s room or your own space, it’s a gentle reminder that warmth is never far away.

  • Great combination that works in both summer and winter
  • Made of durable flame retardant material
  • Safe around children and pets
  • The light indicator should be off when it’s actually off to eliminate confusion
  • Suitable only for very small areas
  • No handle to carry around

Lasko 29” Ceramic Tower Heater

Key Features:

  • 2 Heat Settings
  • 7-Hour Auto-Off Timer
  • Multi-Function Remote Control

Winter nights can get chilly, and that’s when the Lasko 29” Ceramic Tower Heater becomes a trusted companion in your home. Picture yourself settling into your favorite chair, the gentle hum of the heater embracing the room.

With 2 quiet settings, you can choose the level of warmth you want, whether it’s in your bedroom or your kitchen. And that adjustable thermostat setting? It ensures that the room stays exactly at your preferred temperature, like a warm hug that never ends.

Perhaps you’re heading to bed but want to keep the room warm for a while. That’s where the built-in timer comes to the rescue. You can set it for anywhere from 1 to 8 hours, and it will turn off automatically. It’s like having someone who knows exactly when to pull the blanket up for you, without you having to lift a finger.

But let’s talk about real convenience. The remote control isn’t just about turning the heater on and off. You can adjust the temperature, set the timer, and even control the oscillation—all from across the room.

And when you’re done, there’s a special storage spot on the heater so the remote won’t get lost. It’s the little things that make life easier.

Speaking of oscillation, the widespread oscillation feature ensures that warmth is shared evenly across the room. It’s not just a spot of heat; it’s a gentle wave that caresses every corner. Your entire room becomes a cozy haven.

Safety? Absolutely. The Lasko Heater’s built-in safety features like overheat protection and cool touch exterior mean that you can sleep easy, knowing that everything’s taken care of. It’s a peace of mind that comes with trusting in something reliable.

With Lasko, you’re not just buying a heater; you’re investing in a brand that stands for quality. The 3-year limited warranty speaks volumes about their confidence in the product.

From the elongated heating element to the self-regulating ceramic element, this space heater has been designed with care and precision. It’s not just about heating a room; it’s about enhancing your living space and making those cold days and nights a time of comfort and joy.

  • Child and pet-safe
  • Allows you to adjust the heater’s temperature
  • Fully assembled
  • Can be noisy
  • Plastic smell
  • Buttons are sticky

Honeywell Slim Ceramic Tower Heater

Key Features:

  • 360° tip over protection
  • Overheat shut off protection
  • Programmable thermostat

Introducing the Honeywell Slim Ceramic Tower Heater, a chic addition to any room of your home. Picture a sleek, slim space heater that doesn’t demand attention but gently complements your decor.

With easy-to-use digital controls and two comforting heat settings, it offers the flexibility to tailor the warmth to your liking. Imagine the gentle hum of high heat at 1500 watts on those icy mornings or the soothing embrace of low heat at 750 watts on a chilly evening.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: what about safety, especially in a baby’s room? Honeywell has thought of that too! With 2x Overheat Protection, this heater is armed with an overheat sensor and a cut-off fuse.

It’s like having a guardian watching over, making sure everything’s just right. And if by chance it does tip over? The 360-degree tip-over switch kicks in, keeping your precious little one safe and sound.

Perhaps you want a heater that doesn’t just stand there but adds to the room’s ambiance. With its sturdy base and oscillation feature, the Honeywell Heater moves with grace, distributing warmth evenly. Its cool touch plastic housing ensures that even curious little fingers won’t get a nasty surprise.

But what about costs, you ask? Honeywell understands the need for smart savings, and with this heater, you could save up to $276* in heating costs this year. It’s not just about staying warm; it’s about doing it smartly and efficiently. It’s an investment that pays you back.

Finally, with Honeywell Quality, you’re not just buying a heater; you’re investing in a brand that stands for reliability and innovation. Whether for your living room, bedroom, or office, this portable heater has been crafted with care to enhance your living space.

It’s not just a product; it’s a promise of comfort and peace of mind, one that comes with the backing of a brand that understands your needs. Remember to glance through the owner’s manual for the best experience, and let the warmth embrace you.

  • Slim design
  • Easy to use digital controls
  • Heating output is excellent
  • No remote
  • Has to be reset from the circuit breaker
  • Doesn’t remember the last settings you used

De'Longhi Comfort Temp Full Room

Key Features:

  • Thermal cut-off
  • Fully enclosed heating elements
  • Gently rounded design

Meet the De’Longhi Comfort Temp Full Room heater, designed to make your life simpler and cozier. One of the first things you’ll notice is the Simple Controls, allowing you to effortlessly adjust the power level and temperature. Operating at 120.0 volts, it provides just the right amount of warmth, like a gentle hug from a loved one.

What’s really fascinating is its efficiency. Imagine being able to use a heater that’s up to 20% more efficient. The ComfortTemp feature is like having a smart assistant in your room, constantly ensuring the optimal temperature and power levels. It’s not just about heating; it’s about doing it smartly.

Speaking of smart, the exclusive thermal slot design is a work of genius. It maximizes heat flow into the room while maintaining a low surface temperature. It’s like having a gentle breeze without the chill, spreading warmth evenly, without any risk to your little ones.

But what about the air quality? De’Longhi offers Better Heating, delivering a gentle heat that minimizes dry air. If you’re worried about allergies, rest assured, this design creates a better breathing environment without a fan to stir up dust and dander. It’s like having a guard that takes care of the air you breathe.

Moving it around the house? That’s a breeze too. With an integrated handle and control panel, you can easily operate and relocate the heater. It’s like having a portable friend that’s always there when you need it.

Ever worried about frozen pipes? The Anti-Freeze setting is there for you. When the temperature dips below 41 degrees F (5C), this smart feature kicks in, especially helpful in basements or vacation homes. It’s like having a vigilant watchman, taking care of your home even when you’re away.

Finally, the No Installation Required feature is a true lifesaver. The comfort hold handle and exclusive smart snap wheels are built-in for convenience, allowing easy movement from room to room. It’s like having a self-sufficient gadget that knows how to make itself at home, wherever you place it.

In a nutshell, the De’Longhi Comfort Temp Full Room is not just a heater; it’s a thoughtful companion designed to enhance your life’s comfort. It’s mindful of efficiency, gentle with warmth, and watchful of safety. With no fuss and no complex installations, it’s ready to be part of your home.

  • Easy to adjust power level and temperature
  • High quality steel assembly
  • User-friendly control panel
  • Takes time to adjust the temperature
  • Hard to see the heat selector dial
  • No timer

Amazon Basics Indoor Radiator Heater

Key Features:

  • Heat for rooms up to 144 square feet
  • 3 heat settings
  • Made of durable rust-resistant steel

Introducing the Amazon Basics Indoor Portable Radiator Heater, a sleek white addition to your home’s comfort arsenal. This portable radiator heater effortlessly provides quiet, radiant heat, making those 144-square-feet rooms feel like a cozy retreat. Imagine snuggling up in your baby’s room, knowing that it’s not just about warmth but also about possibly lowering energy bills.

With its 3 heat settings, customizing comfort becomes a breeze. Whether it’s a chilly winter morning or a mild autumn evening, you’ve got the control. And speaking of control, those 7 oil-filled fins that are permanently sealed with diathermic oil are what makes this heater maintenance-free. No fuss, no mess, just consistent warmth.

Safety, of course, takes center stage with this device. It’s ETL-listed, and the features like fully enclosed heating elements, a nonslip base, and anti-freeze mode ensure that the warmth is not just about comfort but also about peace of mind. Ever left a heater on and worried about overheating? The thermal cut-off takes care of that, turning off automatically to prevent any mishaps.

Its durable rust-resistant steel construction speaks of quality. This isn’t just another heater; it’s a robust partner for those cold nights. The wheels that snap into place make moving it around child’s play, and the 72-inch power cord with cord storage means no clutter, no fuss.

Measuring 14.8 by 11 by 25.2 inches and weighing 17.23 pounds, it’s a compact yet potent device with 1500 watts of power. Even better, it’s backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty, a symbol of trust.

In summary, the Amazon Basics Indoor Portable Radiator Heater isn’t just another heater; it’s a blend of efficiency, safety, and convenience. Perfect for baby rooms or any room up to 144 square feet, it offers a seamless experience without compromising on quality. With it in your home, warmth becomes not just a sensation but a joyful experience.

  • Easily portable
  • Simple to use
  • Quiet
  • Slippery knob
  • No remote control
  • No display to show the thermostat temperature

Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX- Infrared Heater

Key Features:

  • Up to 150 sq. ft of zone heating
  • Overheat protection
  • Digital thermostat

Meet the Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX-Infrared Heater, a cutting-edge device designed with your modern life in mind. This wall-mounted heater is not just about warming up a room; it’s about integrating with your lifestyle.

Ever thought you’d be adjusting your heater with your phone? Well, with its Wi-Fi-enabled controls, you can tweak the temperature from anywhere in the house.

Safety is paramount, especially in baby rooms. This unit features a safe to the touch grill and operates at 1500 watts of power, offering a seamless blend of efficiency and peace of mind. Imagine not worrying about your curious toddler’s little fingers as they explore the room.

One of the standout features has to be its space-saving wall mount design. It’s perfect for those tight spaces in bedrooms, kitchens, or offices, where every inch of floor space is precious.

When installed over the outlet, you can even hide the cord inside the heater, maintaining that sleek look. Plus, the wall stays cool to the touch – no more fretting about potential wall damage.

With 1500 WATTS of power and 5200 BTU, this unit’s versatility shines through. It can serve as a primary heat source for up to 150 sq. ft of zone heating (in a well-insulated room), or as a supplemental heat source for up to 1000 sq. ft of zone heating (depending on room insulation).

It adapts to your needs, whether you’re just looking to take the chill off the baby’s room or add some extra warmth to a larger space.

Operating at 110 Volts, the Heat Storm HS-1500-PHX is your go-to for smart, safe, and efficient heating. Whether you’re a busy parent needing to warm up the nursery or someone looking to maximize space without losing on comfort, this heater steps up to the challenge.

Its integration of technology with safety features places it a cut above the rest. With it, you’re not just buying a heater; you’re investing in comfort tailored to your life.

  • Easy to assemble
  • Safe for animals
  • Wi-Fi controlled
  • Short power cable
  • Heat direction can’t be adjusted
  • Not energy efficient

Honeywell HHF360V 360 Degree Heater

Key Features:

  • All around heat output
  • Overheat shut-off protection
  • Adjustable thermostat

Welcome to the cozy embrace of the Honeywell HHF360V, a 360-degree heater designed to envelop you in comfort. With its 360 DEGREE ALL AROUND WARMTH, this is more than just a heater; it’s your personal comfort zone creator.

It’s like having a gentle hug that takes the chill out of the air, not just in one direction but all around. Perfect for those chilly nights when you want the baby’s room to feel just right.

SAFETY MATTERS, especially when it comes to little ones. This small heater is loaded with thoughtful features like a 360-degree tip-over switch, 2x overheat protection, and an auto-off timer option.

The cool touch carry handle makes it a breeze to move from room to room. It’s these details that make you feel secure and your mind at ease.

Let’s talk about personalization. The adjustable thermostat and 2 heat settings ensure that you can find that ‘just right’ temperature.

Whether it’s a cool spring morning or a freezing winter night, this heater adapts to your needs. It’s not just about warmth; it’s about having it your way.

This heater isn’t only about comfort; it’s about SMART SAVINGS. Did you know that an electric heater like this can help you save up to $276 in heating costs* this year? It’s an investment in warmth without the worry of an inflated utility bill. Now, that’s smart heating!

When it comes to quality, Honeywell has always been a name to trust. With this 360 Degree Surround Heater, they’ve taken the simple concept of a space heater and turned it into an essential piece of your home’s comfort puzzle. Whether it’s a bedroom, office, or the baby’s nursery, it fits right in.

With HONEYWELL QUALITY, it’s not just about staying warm; it’s about enhancing your life one warm moment at a time.

  • Powerful
  • Convenient carrying handle built into top of heater
  • Relatively quiet
  • The front of the heater does get hot when on high heat.
  • No digital temperature readouts
  • It does occasionally give off a slight burning smell when you first turn it on

Lasko Heating Space Heater

Key Features:

  • 3 heat sweep settings
  • 2 heat settings
  • Remote control

Meet the Lasko Heating Space Heater, designed to fill your living space with consistent warmth, effortlessly. With its Choice of 2 Heat Settings, including high heat and low heat plus an Auto setting, it offers flexibility that’s just perfect for the home or home office.

The full-circle oscillation feature is a game-changer, distributing warm air throughout the entire room, ensuring no cold corners are left behind.

The 3 Heat Sweep Settings really sets this heater apart. Whether you need to cover 90, 170, or a full 360 degrees, it’s got you covered. Paired with an easy to clean filter, this feature ensures that the heater runs efficiently and spreads warmth evenly across large rooms. It’s like having a warm embrace that’s as wide or as focused as you need it to be.

The Adjustable Programmable Thermostat is a handy touch that allows you to tweak the 1500-watt ceramic heating element.

Whether you prefer Fahrenheit or Celsius, the digital temperature display ensures your control is precise. It’s the comfort of knowing that your room will be at exactly the temperature you want it, covering a generous 300 Sq. ft.

Safety first with the Lasko Heater. The Built-in Safety Features such as overheat protection and a cool touch exterior are perfect for peace of mind, especially in a baby’s room. These thoughtful additions mean you can leave it running for hours without worrying about the heater getting too hot.

Lastly, the Fully Assembled design is a convenience you’ll surely appreciate. Imagine the simplicity of taking the heater out of the box, plugging it in, adjusting the thermostat, and feeling the immediate warmth.

It’s a feature that promises ease, saving you precious time and effort. If you need a comforting warmth that caters to your exact preferences, look no further than this Lasko space heater.

  • Easy-to-clean filter
  • Easy to change the oscillating direction
  • Covers a great area
  • Just a little noisy
  • Doesn’t heat lower areas
  • Doesn’t have an automatic turn-off sensor

Minetom 350W Space Heater

Key Features:

  • Heat up 100 Sq. Ft. room
  • Tip-over protection
  • Adjustable thermostat

The Minetom 350W Space Heater is a smart option for those in search of efficiency without compromising on warmth. With a low wattage of 350 watts, 120 volts, and 2.9 amps at 60Hz, it’s designed with economy in mind.

The Convenient 180 rotating plug ensures that this heater fits well in any socket orientation, making it a great choice for those living in a mild climate. The fact that it won’t overload the circuit? That’s just a smart bonus.

With an LED display and timer, personalizing your warmth has never been easier. Imagine coming home to a cozy room after a chilly day out; simply set the auto power-on timer to the number of hours you want, or use the auto shut-off timer if you’re heading out.

These features ensure that you’re in control, setting the exact time for your comfort.

The digital thermostat is where the Minetom truly shines. Unlike conventional heaters that force you to guess the temperature, this one allows you to set the desired temperature from 60°F to 90°F.

The heater turns itself on and off to maintain your chosen temp, and the outer surface stays cool to the touch. Talk about customized warmth!

The quiet and fast heating ability makes it a perfect companion for smaller spaces like offices or dorm rooms. Need a quick heat-up in a 100 square feet room without disturbing anyone around?

This heater is your silent ally. It’s designed to complement your home heating system when you only need to heat specific areas, saving energy and ensuring peaceful nights.

Appearance-wise, the Minetom 350W Space Heater is quite the looker. With its compact size of 4.3 x 2.8 x 6.5 inches, and a sleek, modern design, it’s a heater that doesn’t scream “appliance.” It mounts right on the receptacle, freeing up your floor space and avoiding those pesky tripping hazards.

It’s not just a heater; it’s a smart, stylish addition to your living space that you might have seen on TV. Whether in the living room, bedroom, or baby’s room, this Minetom heater makes sure warmth is always within your reach.

  • Lower wattage
  • Automatic off timer
  • Low noise from the fan
  • A bit bulkier than competitors
  • No manual control of the power
  • Settings can be a little hard

What to Look for in Best Space Heater for Baby’s Room?

Selecting a space heater for a baby’s room requires careful consideration, as safety, efficiency, and comfort are paramount. Here’s what you should look for:

  1. Safety Features:
    • Overheat Protection: Ensures the heater doesn’t become dangerously hot.
    • Cool-to-Touch Exterior: Important if curious little fingers get close.
    • Automatic Shut-Off: If tipped over, the heater should automatically turn off.
    • Safety Certifications: Look for heaters that meet safety standards like UL or ETL.
  2. Noise Level:
    • Quiet Operation: A noisy heater can disrupt a baby’s sleep, so opt for a model that runs quietly.
  3. Temperature Control:
    • Adjustable Thermostat: Allows you to maintain the perfect temperature without overheating the room.
    • Timers and Programmable Settings: Helps in setting the heater to turn on or off at desired times, ensuring the room is warm when needed.
  4. Energy Efficiency:
    • Low Wattage Options: These can be more economical and prevent circuit overloads.
    • Energy-Saving Modes: Helps in conserving energy when the desired temperature is reached.
  5. Size and Portability:
    • Compact Design: A smaller heater can be placed out of reach and won’t take up valuable floor space.
    • Lightweight: Allows for easy movement between rooms if needed.
  6. Air Quality:
    • Filter or Purification System: If you’re concerned about air quality, look for models that include air purification or filtering to remove potential allergens.
  7. Aesthetic Considerations:
    • Design and Appearance: Since it’s for a baby’s room, you might prefer a heater that blends well with the décor.
  8. Ease of Use:
    • Simple Controls: Look for intuitive controls that make the heater easy to operate.
  9. Warranty and Brand Reputation:
    • Manufacturer’s Warranty: Offers peace of mind regarding potential defects.
    • Trusted Brands: Consider purchasing from established brands known for quality and safety.

Remember, the baby’s room is a special place, and the heater you choose should contribute to a safe and comfortable environment. Always consult the user manual and adhere to safety guidelines, and consider speaking with a professional or sales associate who can assist you in choosing the best model for your specific needs.


The best space heater for a baby’s room we found was the Portable Electric Space Heater. You can also rely on the Amazon Basics 1500W Heater when in need.

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