Best Dehumidifier for Bathroom [All Sizes]

When you look up in your bathroom one day and realize that you have a mold problem, it can cause panic. Thankfully though, the best dehumidifier for a bathroom can help you with your problem.

After looking through countless dehumidifiers I came across Frigidaire Dehumidifier as an affordable option for medium to large sized bathrooms dealing with high humidity levels.

If you have a smaller bathroom, then I’d recommend going with the budget option: Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier.

To read the review and FAQ, you can check them all out below.

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Our Top Picks

Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier
Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier
  • Ultra quiet
  • Super small
  • 1 year warranty
  • Affordable
Frigidaire Dehumidifier
Frigidaire Dehumidifier
  • Easy to clean filter
  • 22 pints of absorption per day
  • Low profile
  • Energy start certified
Pohl Schmitt Electric
Pohl Schmitt Electric
  • Auto-off with full tank
  • Super quiet
  • 17 ounce tank
  • Low energy usage

Best Dehumidifier for Bathroom

Frigidaire Dehumidifier

  • Pints: 22 pints
  • Water tank capacity: 19.21
  • Warranty: 1 year

This bathroom dehumidifier is the best mix of capacity, features, and low profile design, sure to keep excess moisture at bay.

What I like

While this bathroom dehumidifier looks tiny, it still packs a punch at 22 pints of absorption per day. The washable air filter will make it super easy to maintain and it will as capture dust to ensure the air quality in your bathroom is A+.

Other bathroom dehumidifiers are tiny and won’t be able to offer continuous drainage like this unit does. This model can directly empty the water to a drain, making it so you don’t have to ever change out the tank. This is a huge benefit over small bathroom dehumidifiers like the Pohl Schmitt.

You’ll be able to use the front control panel to control the fan speed, and humidity levels or use the timer function. If the unit gets full, no need to worry, the auto shutoff feature will turn it off so you don’t need to worry about flooding.

This model offers a super quiet operation at around 43dB on low fan setting which is on the low end of a quiet library. If you’re suffering from bathroom mold and mildew and don’t want to settle for smaller bathroom dehumidifiers, this is a perfect mix of features you’d expect to find in more expensive models.

What I don’t like

This model may be overkill unless you have a medium to large sized bathroom. The Gocheer Upgraded would be a better solution if that’s the case.

Why I’m recommending this product

While it is pricier than other models, this is one of the best bathroom dehumidifiers I could find. It’s small, sleek, and has tons of great features. Even if the water tank is only 2 gallons, that’s still larger than smaller, portable dehumidifiers that are often recommended for use in a bathroom.

If you have a small bathroom, then this unit may be overkill for you. It may be worth it still if you’re not wanting to empty out the water tank every day. If you have a small dehumidifier but you need to empty it three times a day, you’ll likely end up with another problem on your hands rather than a solution.

Also Great Dehumidifier for Bathroom

Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier

  • Pints per day: 2.11
  • Water tank capacity: 64oz
  • Warranty: 1 year warranty

Small bathrooms need small bathroom dehumidifiers. Don’t waste a ton of money on an oversized unit.

What I like

With the ability to remove 2 pints of moisture removal per day, a small bathroom will be more than satisfied with this dehumidifier. This compact unit is going to minimize the amount of warm air redistributed back into the room compared to the Frigidaire Dehumidifier which will keep your bathroom at a cool temperature.

It offers a quiet operation of around 40 decibels on the lowest fan setting. The water tank has a capacity of 64oz which is almost 4 times as much as a comparable dehumidifier Pohl Schmitt. It’s going to save you money on energy costs as it’s energy efficient due to its minimal power use.

Once the water tank is full, it’ll shut itself off with the auto shut off feature. The indicator light on the front panel will turn red notifying you once you need to change out the water tank. It’s easy to control as there is only one button to control this unit.

What I don’t like

If you’re dealing with a high humidity level in your bathroom, then this unit is going to be overloaded as the water tank capacity is quite low. If you simply need to remove some moisture from your bathroom, it’ll do a good job, but it will be annoying changing out the tank every few hours.

Why I’m recommending this product

This bathroom dehumidifier is a bargain and will be suitable as a small bathroom dehumidifier. One downside is that it doesn’t have continuous drainage like the Frigidaire Dehumidifier, but it does knock off more than half of the cost. If you’re working with very small bathrooms, then I would suggest Pohl Schmitt.

Best Small Dehumidifier for Bathroom

Pohl Schmitt Electric Dehumidifiers

  • Capacity per day: 10 ounces
  • Water tank capacity: 17 ounces
  • Warranty: 90 days

Very small bathrooms need very small bathroom dehumidifiers. Don’t waste money on pricier units for tiny rooms!

What I like

This dehumidifier is great at preventing bathroom mold in a very small bathroom. While the water tank is only 17 ounces, you may not need as much power as the Frigidaire Dehumidifier. It uses ultra quiet peltier technology which means that it doesn’t use a compressor, making for super quiet operation.

When the water tank gets full, it’ll turn itself off with the auto shutoff feature. You won’t have to worry if you’re out of the house, simply empty the tank when you get back home. The front panel has an indicator as well letting you know when it’s full, so be sure to monitor when you have a chance.

The small profile is great coming in at only 9 inches tall. If your bathroom looks like mine, there isn’t that much space, and fitting this unit into a cramped bathroom shouldn’t be an issue. It’s also lightweight and it’ll be easy to transport from room to room if you want to relocate your unit.

Reviewers love this unit and even mentioned they are considering buying a third unit. I agree, for the price, it’s hard to beat this dehumidifier especially if you’re working with a small bathroom.

What I don’t like

This unit is not going to be suitable at all for larger bathrooms. If that’s you, then be sure to check out the Frigidaire Dehumidifier.

Why I’m recommending this product

This is one of my favorite bathroom dehumidifiers as it’s perfect for very small rooms, won’t take up much space and is energy efficient to boot. It’s also super quiet and will get you the better air quality and the desired humidity level you’re looking for in your bathroom.

Best Budget Dehumidifier for Bathroom

Eva-dry E-333 Renewable dehumidifier

Think you need an electronic dehumidifier to remove excess humidity? Well think again!

What I like

I love that this dehumidifier doesn’t have tiny desiccants that can spill everywhere. Compared to other units that have them loose, this unit keeps them contained. You’ll be able to absorb up to 6 ounces with the silica gel beads within.

It can go anywhere as the design is super small, even when compared to Pohl Schmitt. What’s cool about this unit is that once the beads inside turn green, you can plug it into any outlet and it’ll recharge itself. You only need to do this once every month or so, making this unit hassle-free.

Reviewers of this product mentioned that they had great success using one of these in their small bathroom. If you don’t have a bathroom extractor fan, then going with an option like this can be super useful.

What I don’t like

If you have a major mold and mildew problem in your bathroom, this won’t be the best bathroom dehumidifier for you. I would suggest taking a look at the Pohl Schmitt option if you need a higher quality solution.

Why I’m recommending this product

Not everyone is going to need an electric dehumidifier for your bathroom. With this model, you’ll save on space, electricity, and most important of all, cost. If you have a large bathroom, then I would suggest the Frigidaire Dehumidifier over this unit.

Best Alternative Option

AlorAir Duct-able Version Basement/Crawl Space 

  • Pints: 198 pints per day
  • Capacity: 2600 sq.ft
  • Warranty: 5 years

An alternative option for a bathroom dehumidifier is to dehumidify your entire house.

What I like

What I love about this unit is that it’s ductable which means you can hook it directly into your HVAC system. Your entire house will be a dehumidified and it can cover up to a 2600 square foot space. Not only that, you’ll never need to worry about emptying out any water tanks as it’ll drain itself and take advantage of its heavy duty pump that can lift the condensation 19.6’ to drain this unit.

Unlike all the other units on this list, you can hook this unit up to a remote control panel. This will give you the luxury of controlling this humidifier from the comfort of your own home. You won’t have to worry about it functioning on its own though as it has auto operation which will turn it on and off without any need to be around.

If you’re worried about freezing, this commercial unit also offers an auto defrost feature. This is useful if you live in colder areas as your crawl space or basement can both get cold during the winter and may cause other units to malfunction.

This unit also employs an alloy tube evaporator which prevents freon leakage. This can be a real danger to your home and the evaporator also extends the life of the coil and the unit itself.

What I don’t like

The price, compared to even the best bathroom dehumidifiers, is extremely high. If your bathroom isn’t connected to your HVAC system, this system won’t be of any benefit.

Why I’m recommending this product

This dehumidifier is going to last for years while dehumidifying your entire home. I would recommend it over the Frigidaire Dehumidifier unit that came in first, but only if your entire home needs dehumidifying power and your bathroom is hooked up to your HVAC system.

Otherwise, this unit won’t be able to control the humidity levels in your bathroom.

How to choose the best dehumidifier for bathroom?

Water tank capacity

The water tank capacity is going to be vital in your search for a bathroom dehumidifier. You want one that won’t force you to empty the water tank out a few times a day, which I can suggest the Frigidaire Dehumidifier for that. For smaller bathrooms, you will be able to get away with a smaller tank, but keep in mind that it can be a bit annoying to change out the water tank every few hours.


Warranty is important because you never know when your dehumidifier might have a problem. Go with a reputable brand that stands behind its products. Most of the dehumidifiers on this list have at least a one year warranty.

Pints per day

Dehumidifiers are rated by how many pints per day they can absorb from the room. If your bathroom is very humid, you’re going to want to get one that’s rated to absorb more pints per day. You can add 10 pints per day to your estimate if that’s the case.


If your bathroom is small, then it’s not going to make sense to pick up a large dehumidifier. You won’t have any room to place it and it’ll get in the way. I would recommend checking out an alternative option like the Eva-dry E-333 Renewable dehumidifier if that’s the case.

Continuous drain

Depending on your circumstances, it may make sense to avoid a portable dehumidifier and go for a larger unit if you have a large bathroom with a bad mold and mildew problem. If that’s the case, then you’ll want to look into a model with continuous drainage. This will allow you to not have to empty the water tank whatsoever, you can even hook it up to drain into your shower drain/sink.


Manufacturers often over-estimate their units’ coverage capacity by a fair margin. When testing, they use optimal conditions which aren’t going to be replicated in your bathroom. For that reason, it’s recommended to get a dehumidifier that’s rated a bit larger than the manufacturer suggests.

Is it safe to use my dehumidifier if I’m showering?

If your dehumidifier isn’t near your shower, then it should be fine to run while it’s working. If it’s near your shower curtain and may have water get on it, then you may want to turn it off while you shower. Remember that dehumidifiers do get wet naturally, so I wouldn’t worry about it too much. Just remember water and electricity don’t mix!

How often should I empty the tank in my dehumidifier?

You should empty your dehumidifier at least once a day. If you are using a compact size dehumidifier, then you may have to empty it out a few times a day if it’s on all day.

Where should my bathroom dehumidifier be placed?

You want to place your dehumidifier where it isn’t an obstruction in the bathroom while at the same time having enough breathing room to operate properly. If you push the vent against a wall, it may start overheating and cause you issues.

Final Thoughts

The type of dehumidifier you’ll purchase for your bathroom is dependent on the room size and the humidity levels you’re dealing with.

You can also opt to use a bathroom exhaust fan, but it’s only going to be a good option if you only need to remove short bursts of moisture.

I’d recommend the Frigidaire Dehumidifier for larger sized bathrooms and for a budget option, the Gocheer Upgraded Dehumidifier is also a great option.

If your problem is really bad, then it might make sense to look at our guide for best commercial dehumidifier as well. For 30 pint dehumidifiers, you can check out our great buying guide.

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