How to Clean Dehumidifier Coils in 16 Steps

Dehumidifier coils are an essential part of how a dehumidifier operates. If the coils get dirty, your dehumidifier won’t operate at its full potential.

Instead of purchasing a new dehumidifier, you can take apart your dehumidifier and give it a thorough cleaning.

Before you continue, it’s best to ensure that you understand you’ll need to take apart your dehumidifier and some of the internals as well.

If you don’t feel comfortable doing so, then don’t take any risks as you may damage your dehumidifier.

Below you’ll find out how to clean dehumidifier coils and how to maintain your dehumidifier so you won’t need to clean it as often.

If you’re ready, let’s get started.

How to Clean Dehumidifier Coils

Before you proceed, remember that every dehumidifier is different.

If you aren’t confident in your ability to take apart and put back together with your dehumidifier, it may be best to hire a professional to take a look at it.

Step 1. Take out the water tank as well as the air filter.

Step 2. Remove the screws on the back of your dehumidifier. Every dehumidifier is going to be different, so check with your model’s instruction manual.

Step 3. Unscrew the drain hose connection and slide off the back of your dehumidifier’s enclosure.

Step 4. Unscrew the front of the dehumidifier’s enclosure, the screws should be located near the coils.

Step 5. Disconnect the power from the front of the enclosure.

Step 6. Unscrew the housing for the internal fan blades.

Step 7. Unclip the fan’s enclosure.

Step 8. Remove the nut from the fan.

Step 9. Unscrew the screws on top and the side of the top fins and remove the vent.

Step 10. Now the internal coils should be visible.

Step 11. Use a wire brush and move the brush with the fins of the coils being sure not to go opposite as you’ll bend the coils.

Step 12. Move the coils apart and get on the inside and do the same up and down motion with a wire brush.

You can use a vacuum cleaner with a wire hose attachment.

Step 13. You can now take mild detergent with warm water or coil cleaner and pour it across the coils.

You can do this outside or you can turn your dehumidifier on its side on your sink.

Step 14. Wash out the detergent, coil cleaner, or white vinegar.

Step 15. Soak the coils in a detergent bath.

Step 16. Take your dehumidifier out of the bath and let it dry before re-assembling your dehumidifier again.

It’s a good idea to clean the grime and dust off the individual parts you removed from your dehumidifier while your dehumidifier is drying.

Benefits of Cleaning Your Dehumidifier Coils

Clean dehumidifier coils will lead to better functionality of your dehumidifier.

The coils are vital to removing moisture from the air. If you have a dirty dehumidifier, it can lead to potential damage as it has to work harder to extract all the moisture from the air.

You’ll also be able to enjoy cleaner air as you will have less dust that makes its way back into your air supply.

Tips to Maintain Your Dehumidifier

Wash filter often

Washing the air filter will allow your dehumidifier to catch more dust, dust mites, or anything else that makes its way through your dehumidifier.

If you leave the air filter dirty, it can lead to your dehumidifier becoming less effective and costing more electricity to run.

It’ll also lead to worse indoor air quality.

Check coils regularly

You should give your dehumidifier a regular cleaning around once a year.

The more often you use your dehumidifier, the more you need to give it a thorough cleaning.

Clean water tank frequently

By cleaning the water tank frequently, you avoid mold growth and any grime build-up that may occur after regular use.

It’s also important to keep your water tank from filling up completely so you can keep your dehumidifier running.

Empty tank daily

Emptying the tank daily is good practice, even if it doesn’t fill up all the way.

The stagnant water can lead to a bad smell and mold issues.

For best practice, give it a quick rinse and place it back into your dehumidifier. If you find that it’s gotten dirty, you can wash it with white vinegar or bleach.

Final Thoughts

Learning how to clean dehumidifier coils is a great way to extend the life of your dehumidifier.

Instead of buying a new one, you’ll keep it running at its full potential and avoid any costly replacements.

Every dehumidifier is different, so if you find that your dehumidifier is built a certain way, then check in with your manufacturer before you proceed with taking it apart.

If you aren’t confident in your abilities to take apart your dehumidifier, then you can rely on our technicians to take a look at it for you.

While regular dehumidifier maintenance is a downfall of dehumidifiers, it’s important to keep up with cleanings to ensure for best results.

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