How to Dispose of a Dehumidifier?

As homeowners, we all have items that, over time, wear out or become obsolete. One such item is a dehumidifier.

Like other major appliances, the disposal of dehumidifiers requires careful consideration due to the presence of potentially hazardous materials.

This guide will explain how to properly dispose of a dehumidifier, whether recycling is an option, and how to locate dehumidifier disposal options near you.

How Do You Dispose of a Dehumidifier? (in steps)

  1. Check Local Disposal Regulations: The first step in proper disposal of a dehumidifier is to verify local waste disposal regulations. Some areas may require you to dispose of electronic appliances at a designated municipal transfer station or during specific collection events.
  2. Contact Your Local Recycling Center: Connect with your local recycling program or recycling outlet to determine if they accept dehumidifiers. If they do, ensure to understand their specific drop-off procedures and hours of operation.
  3. Remove All Refrigerant: If your dehumidifier contains freon or other refrigerants, it’s critical to have these hazardous materials safely removed by a professional before disposal or recycling.
  4. Consider Bulky Waste Collection: Some municipalities offer bulky waste collection services for items like dehumidifiers.
  5. Donate or Sell: If the dehumidifier is still in working condition, consider donating it to organizations like the Salvation Army, selling it in a garage sale, or giving it away.

Should You Recycle a Dehumidifier?

Yes, you should recycle a dehumidifier if possible. Recycling helps to reuse, or re-purpose items, reducing the environmental impact of waste.

It’s not just about plastic bottles, beverage bottles, detergent bottles, or corrugated cardboard. Major appliances like dehumidifiers can also be part of your household recycling efforts.

Does a Dehumidifier Contain Freon?

Yes, most dehumidifiers, much like air conditioners, contain a type of refrigerant known as freon. Freon is a potential ozone layer depleting substance, so it’s crucial to ensure it’s properly disposed of or recycled.

Do All Dehumidifiers Have Refrigerant?

Yes, all dehumidifiers contain some type of refrigerant. This is what allows them to extract moisture from the air. It’s important that this refrigerant is appropriately handled during disposal to avoid causing environmental harm.

How to Find Dehumidifier Disposal Near Me?

To find a dehumidifier disposal near you, start by contacting your municipal recycling center or recycling hauler. They can provide information on local disposal regulations and if they accept dehumidifiers.

Additionally, appliance stores may offer recycling programs for major appliances, so it could be worth reaching out to them. You can also search online for “Dehumidifier Disposal” along with your location to find nearby services.


Proper disposal of a dehumidifier is not just a question of convenience—it’s a matter of environmental responsibility.

Whether you’re in the United States of America or elsewhere, understanding and complying with local disposal regulations ensures we contribute to the wellbeing of our planet.

By recycling or responsibly disposing of our dehumidifiers, we can help reduce waste, avoid damage to the ozone layer, and even create opportunities for the reuse of scrap metal and other components.

Remember, proper maintenance can prolong the life of your dehumidifier, reducing the need for disposal and promoting a more sustainable lifestyle.

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