What Does the Numbers on Your Dehumidifier Mean?

The number on your dehumidifier is referring to the humidity level in your room or the humidity level that you’ve chosen your dehumidifier to run at.

The best way to know what the number is by checking with your dehumidifier’s manual.

Below you’ll find out more about what the numbers on your dehumidifier mean and why some dehumidifiers are different.

Let’s get started.

What the Numbers Mean on Your Dehumidifier

The number on your dehumidifier is the humidity level that you’ve chosen. For optimal results, choose a humidity level between 30-50%.

Some dehumidifiers may only show you the humidity level that you’ve chosen.

Others will show you the humidity level you’ve chosen as well as the humidity level in your room.

More expensive dehumidifiers have more capable LEDs with advanced features like intelligent humidity sensors.

The sensors shut the dehumidifier off when it reaches the optimal humidity level.

What’s the Best Setting for Your Dehumidifier?

The best setting for your dehumidifier will be 30-50% relative humidity.

Anything below 30% will start to become dangerous to your health and home, likewise for anything over 50%.

How do I know what setting to put my dehumidifier on?

While it’s recommended to stay between 30-50% humidity, what you set your dehumidifier in between is up to you.

Play around with the range and see what feels most comfortable.

More humid environments will want to set the humidity level on the lower end, and drier to higher humidity.

What is a good basement humidity level?

A good basement humidity level will be a comfortable 30-50%. You may however want to adjust your basement’s humidity level to your preference.

Final Thoughts

Remember to always keep your dehumidifier at the optimal range of 30-50% and keep up with maintenance.

While it can be confusing at first to know what the numbers on your dehumidifier do, it’s referring to your preferred humidity level or the humidity level in the room.

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