Why Your Humidifier is Making a Bubbling Noise

Your humidifier may worry you as it makes a bubbling, crackling, or popping noise. While these noises can be alarming, they are all indicative of certain problems.

Find the sound your humidifier is making below and find out how to fix it.

Let’s get started.

Why Your Humidifier is Making a Bubbling Noise

The gurgling noise you’re hearing is water that’s leaving the tank and is being replaced by air bubbles. This is common in most humidifiers.

Unfortunately, this can be problematic if you’re a light sleeper and need to get to bed without any noise.

To fix your humidifier making a bubbling noise, you can try to loosen the cap’s tank so that water has an even flow.

If the small amount of noise your humidifier makes bothers you, you can try an ultra-quiet, cool mist humidifier that doesn’t use boiling water.

What to do If Humidifier is Making a Popping Noise?

If your humidifier is making a popping noise, tap the water pump to eliminate the popping sound.

Why is My Humidifier Sputtering?

Your humidifier may be sputtering if you added too much salt. Try to empty the tank out and change the water.

The heating element may also be dirty and needs to be cleaned. In general, you should clean your humidifier regularly to avoid any mold growth regardless.

Do All Humidifiers Make Noise?

Even though some humidifiers are advertised as “super quiet”, they can still make occasional dripping or bubbling noises.

This is going to be common with any appliance as they all have to make some sound to be operational.

Why is My Humidifier Bubbling Out Water?

If your humidifier is boiling and spilling out water, what’s happening is that you added too much salt or other substances to the water tank.

For best results, use distilled water instead and clean the tank every week.

The reservoir tank may also be too full. Ensure that you give your humidifier some breathing room in the water tank and avoid overfilling.

Why is My Humidifier Misting?

If your humidifier is misting, there is not enough water in the tank. It could be that your humidifier is not level either, so ensure that it has a flat surface to operate on.

Final Thoughts

While it can be annoying for your humidifier to make noises, you can opt to purchase a quieter version that doesn’t heat the water.

If you are a light sleeper, it may be worth the investment.

Be aware that even “ultra quiet” humidifiers will make SOME noise, so you won’t be able to find one that makes absolutely 0 noise like any other appliance.

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