7 Best Box Fans to Keep You Cool

If you’re tired of spending your days hot as heck, the best box fan will help bring the temperature in your space right down.

The best box fan I could find was the Holmes HBF2001DP-BM 20-Inch Box Fan. The Air King 9723 20-Inch is another solid choice.

Below you’ll find all the fans reviewed and even an alternative option.

Let’s get started!

7 Best Box Fans

1. Holmes HBF2001DP-BM 20-Inch Box Fan

What I like

This Holmes box fan is one of the best box fans on this list. With its stylish looks, it’ll be perfect for medium to large rooms. You’ll have no issue taking it around wherever you need it as it’s lightweight and portable.

One issue other box fans have is that they get dirty and you have no way to open them up to clean them. With its removable grill, you’ll be able to clean any dust, dirt, or grime that builds up with ease.

It has attachable feet which are perfect if you want to take them off and mount it to a stable surface. The integrated handle will also make it super easy to take this box fan from room to room. It’s made in the USA and has patented blade designs to maximize the air flow in your space.

What I don’t like

Reviewers mention that this model is quite loud on the higher settings.


If you’re ok with a loud box fan, then this is going to be one of the best box fans you can decide to go with. With its removable grill and stylish appeal, you’ll be able to enjoy cold air in no time.

2. Air King 9723 20-Inch 3-Speed Box

What I like

This Air King 20 inch box fan is one of the best box fans on the market I could find. With its 1/25 horsepower fan, you’ll be able to circulate air wherever you decide to place this fan.

I like that it comes with an 8-foot power cord so you’ll have flexibility on where you can place it. It has 2140 CFM which is enough to cool down around 200 square feet. I prefer box fans over tower fans simply because you can aim them right at you and enjoy the air flow.

The permanently lubricated 1/25 horsepower motor helps increase the longevity of this box fan. You won’t have to worry about damaging the blades either as it comes with an impact-resistant grill to prevent any damage.

Not only is this fan a great alternative to air conditioning, you will be able to enjoy it being energy efficient. Choose from any of its 3-speed settings and enjoy cool air flow in your environment.

What I don’t like

This model is a bit pricier than most box fans but the brand Air King is known for having great fans that lost a long time.


With this box fan being light and portable, you’ll be able to take it anywhere you like without having to worry about it weighing you down. Move it from room to room and enjoy one of the best box fans on the market.

3. Hurricane Box Fan

What I like

This Hurricane box fan runs at 2400 CFM and 1100 RPM. You’ll be able to cool down a 200 square foot space with this box fan. If your space is bigger than that, you may want to get a model that’s more powerful or purchase two and have one as an exhaust to remove the hot air.

This box fan also has a power cord tucking compartment which helps keep the cord off the floor and prevent any injuries. It has a slim frame and will be easily stored away once it isn’t in use.

Take control of this 20 inch box fan with its 3 speed settings. The adjustable feet will also let you prop this box fan anywhere you need it to point. Keep it in your garage, office, kitchen or anywhere you feel that you need fresh, cold air.

What I don’t like

Reviewers mention that this product can get a bit loud. It also doesn’t come with a remote control which can make turning it off and on a bit of a chore.


This Hurricane box fan is another great fan that you may want to consider. The cost of this box fan makes it a cheap cooling option.


What I like

This Pelonis box fan has tons of great reviews and comes in a stunning black which is sure to fit in with any decor. Choose between any of its rotary 3-speed settings to your desire. The front grill will make sure that you or any children/pets don’t get in harm’s way as well as keeping the fan in top shape.

You can add this box fan to your air conditioning unit’s system and aid it by circulating air around your home. Its lightweight design will also make it super easy to take this box fan from room to room.

The best part about this box fan is that it comes with a 1-year warranty. Some box fans don’t have any warranty, and you’ll be in good hands with this model. The stabilizing feet will also ensure this box fan stays upright and keeps cool air flowing.

What I don’t like

Reviewers mention that this unit is very loud. You may enjoy that if you require white noise to go to sleep, but other light sleepers may not enjoy the loudness that this box fan creates.


This box fan is fairly priced and has all the same features as other models on this list. You can even use it as a portable fan and take it with you to work if need be.

5. Godting 1 Box Fan

What I like

This is one of the best Lasko box fans on the market. You’ll be able to enjoy its 3-speed functions as well as lightweight design. You can take this fan with you anywhere you need to go with the top mounted handle.

You may be wondering wo much does a box fan cost to run? This unit claims to run at 2 cents per hour. That’s incredible and much less than even the most energy efficient window air conditioning unit on the market!

Reviewers mention that this unit moves a lot of air and even that they never had to go past a “1” setting on the fan. In a 20×20′ room, this fan was still able to keep the air moving around with ease.

What I don’t like

If you go higher than a 2 setting on this box fan, you will have to deal with it being loud.


If you’re alright with a loud box fan, then this is one of the most affordable box fans you’ll be able to find.

6. BLACK+DECKER Mini Box Fan

What I like

Don’t want a big box fan? This is one of the best box fans I could find and it fits in a small package! It’s perfect as a personal fan on a desk in your office or at home on a kitchen counter. Wherever you need personal air flow, this box fan is going to treat you well.

Be aware that even though it says this fan is battery powered, it is NOT. It comes with a power cord just like all the other fans on this list. It also has a front knob giving you control right at your fingertips.

It also stands easily and is only 3.97 pounds, giving you the option to move this fan around wherever you need. Choose between low, medium and high settings and you’ll be on your way to enjoying cold air.

What I don’t like

This fan isn’t going to be powerful, but it does come at half the price of bigger box fans.


This is one of the best box fans I could find for this price!

7. Vornado 660 Large Whole Room Air Circulator Fan

What I like

While this isn’t the the best box fan out there, it is one of the best fans on the market that I always enjoy reviewing. It’s going to be perfect for a garage gym, large bedroom, kitchen or even a basement.

I like to give you an alternative option so that you know what’s out there. Instead of a box fan, for a little bit more, you can enjoy the powerful vortex action that the Vornado provides. With its deep pitched blades, it doesn’t just blow air around, it circulates air around your room.

You have 4 push buttons to choose the fan speed from with the top mounted controls. You’ll be able to move air up to 100ft, which is way more than any box fan on the current market. It also comes with a 5 year hassle-free warranty which I enjoy!

What I don’t like

The Vornado is going to be more than twice the price of most box fans on this list. It will however do a better job of cooling your space.


If you’re after a better cooling alternative than box fans, you can’t go wrong with the Vornado and its 4-speed settings and air circulating power.

What to Look For in a Box Fan?


You’ll want a warranty to go along with your purchase of any box fans. Should anything go wrong, it’s always nice to rely on the manufacturer to back up their product.


I’ve noticed that most typical box fans are quite loud. If this bothers you, then you may want to purchase a quieter air conditioner or a better fan like a Vornado. If you’re a light sleeper, then it might be tough to use your new box fan while going to sleep.

Removable grille

It’s important for your box fan to have a removable grille to be able to clean the inside. After years of usage, you’ll have a dusty box fan. With the removable grille, that won’t be an issue and you’ll be able to clean it good as new.


Most box fans on this list are going to be 20×20″. It’s good to take note of where you’d like to place your new box fan and if it will fit in that area. Make sure that the surface is flat as well so you can maintain stability and keep your box fan from tipping over.


Box fans are mainly rated around 2000 CFM which is enough cooling power for around a 200 square foot room. If you have a bigger room than this to cool, you may want to invest in a portable air conditioner or window air conditioner instead.

Final Thoughts

Any box fan on this list will do you well, but the Holmes HBF2001DP-BM 20-Inch Box Fan is a great option.

You may want to consider alternative options though like the best 15000 window air conditionersbest 12000 BTU window air conditioners and best 14000 portable air conditioner.

A box fan can also aid your humidifier in spreading around the humidity in the room.

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